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Example sentences for renew

Why the cries from the margins might renew a dysfunctional system.
If he doesn't perform then you can not renew his contract.
For your convenience, quarterly subscriptions renew automatically.
Let me also take this time to remind you to look ahead and renew your subscription.
Unfortunately, you have to pay to renew the license each year.
Most full-time professors leave campus during the summer to renew themselves for the fall semester.
Please see the cover wrap for details on how to renew.
The mammalian heart may possess the ability to renew seriously damaged tissue, researchers say.
Doctors of medicine must renew their certification, to say nothing of working extraordinary hours.
Existing customers are being encouraged to renew policies.
The prime minister declared then that more money was not enough to renew the public services.
Too few forest fires allowed to renew the ecosystem.
Copyright holders would have to step forward to renew and retain the rights to work they hoped to exploit.
The stem cells can renew themselves indefinitely and transform themselves into many different types of cell.
But they also need to continually renew and refresh their pool of prospective adjuncts.
If you check that book out again, it does not renew the license on the file that you already had.
Copyright holders would have to renew their copyright every five years to retain it, with a limit on the number of renewals.
Maybe they can renew their activities and reopen their parties.
Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength.
Some of those who have the paperwork allowing them to work are finding it harder than ever to renew their permits.
His enemies will no doubt soon renew their efforts to topple him.
But the government has failed to renew it in some years, so investment in the business has slumped.
It is this process of churn that allows economies to renew themselves.
The more bracing market conditions may renew hopes that the euro will be a catalyst for reform.
But chief executives cannot renew cultures without years of protracted and increasingly disseminated effort to that end.
Log in to your account to edit, renew or create ads.
Renew your spirit to go back out into the world again.
Your company may not renew its sponsorship of a local little league team next year.
To his surprise, the system worked so well that he didn't renew his gym membership for the first time in six years.
If you've moved, change your address before you renew.
Renew your professional or business license online.
The online renewal option is the fastest and recommended means to renew a license.
Use these instructions to renew your driver license by mail.

Famous quotes containing the word renew

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We could say, then, that man is an instrument the world employs to renew its own image constantly.... more
Love has meaning only insofar as it includes the idea of its continuance. Even what we rather glibly call a love affair,... more
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