renegade in a sentence

Example sentences for renegade

Any nation that potters with any glory of its past, as a thing dead and done for, is to that extent renegade.
Cancer is a disease that begins as a renegade human cell over which the body has lost control.
They presumably fear jeopardising the stability of their renegade ally.
Meanwhile, renegade militias have been brought back into the fold with promises of government cash.
Sometimes a new, renegade sensibility really takes hold only when somebody is seen to have died for it.
Sometime in the future, a group of renegade scientists and technologists will take a time machine to now.
Original paint with the renegade marking on the hood.
Our renegade brunette beauty, it should be stressed, is no demure flower arranger.
The renegade intelligence buff said he was relieved.
And neither movement is a marginal, renegade phenomenon.
The immediate risk is that a backlash against renegade science might strike at responsible science as well.
She's sent on a mission to retrieve a renegade mage.
Cancer is a renegade system of growth inside the human body.
Cut red tape, clamp down on the renegade regulators, and create jobs.
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