rendition in a sentence

Example sentences for rendition

But there is also something uncannily accurate about such a rendition of things.
And he promised an end to rendition and indefinite detention.
Make it known to your colleagues that you are in favor of extraordinary rendition and waterboarding.
You'll have to settle instead for a brilliant rendition of our galaxy instead.
Which makes me think this rendition of the play is a robot-tale of the annihilation of humankind.
Some people have characterized his removal as a rendition.
Having a copy in hand to outline, flip through quickly, and so on is often better than having an exclusively digital rendition.
If you don't need the power but dig the design and screen size, the budget rendition might be an even better bet.
These systems usually work in concert to give us a more or less accurate rendition of the visual world.
Volunteers rated the toffee eaten during low-pitched music as more bitter than that consumed during the high-pitched rendition.
Color rendition is generally considered to be a more important lighting quality than color temperature.
It's quite a song, and she offers quite a rendition.
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