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Rendered insignificant, in this scenario, were the particulars of what they had done on the island.
The ruling was unsealed last week after being rendered the week before.
It also allows pigs and chickens, fed on rendered cattle products, to be rendered and fed back to beef cattle.
The investigators rendered walking human and animal figures as constellations of white dots on a computer screen.
Flying bullets and shrapnel rendered firefighters powerless.
It confounded my senses and rendered them nearly useless.
Pendulum clocks were rendered useless on a ship by humidity and movement of the waves.
Each version of the song is rendered in the artist's own style.
Even though global mobility in education has rendered such an approach obsolete, national regulations have not kept pace.
In other words they have been rendered inactive by mutations.
Stars were suns, rendered faint only by great distance.
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He rendered the scene in a palette of solemn gray, brown and ocher, with raging seas and menacing skies dominating the picture.
Many of the designs are incredibly detailed, beautifully rendered and well-thought-out.
The trustees supported the presidents for a while-perhaps too long-justly grateful for services rendered in earlier times.
Eventually, an entire orbit would be rendered useless for generations.
Besides that, the scene had a lovely hazy quality, which unfortunately rendered the scene quite flat.
The altered strain was rendered avirulent, because the immune system was able to eliminate the exposed pathogens.
It surrounds the question of whether a work first rendered on the human body can be copyright.
Whole swaths of higher education are rendered invisible.
Eventually the court rendered its final rulings and departed with no word of retirements, and the deflated crowd dispersed.
But loopholes and fancy new instruments have rendered them increasingly unsatisfactory.
Some renewable resources can be rendered unusable due to a decline in quality.
So it is capitalism that has rendered the verdict on nuclear power.
The submissions for shadows rendered wild and wonderful interpretations of the subject.
Between them, the three departments have hundreds of sites rendered toxic by degreasing solvents.
His lucidly rendered schematic movies and the brief accompanying descriptions make understanding engine workings a snap.
Lateral swipes move you swiftly through the page thumbnails, all rendered large enough for you to quickly glean what they contain.
But the rigours of golf demand that the dunes be rendered immobile.
Such bells warned ships when fog rendered a lighthouse's lamp useless.
Virtually all other generating technologies would be immediately rendered economically non-viable and irrelevant.
The economic crisis has rendered green issues a luxury in the eyes of many voters.
Humanity, and the verdict rendered by the jury of intellectuals.
In the broader world there is word used to describe services rendered for a fee paid and not rendering them.
His six-foot-one frame is rendered more imposing by his iron self-belief.
Cats and dogs are rendered unconscious within a minute, then eventually die from lack of oxygen.
Accessible and moving accounts rendered by one of the country's outstanding anthropologists.
The actual damage done was minimal: some e-mail was disrupted and some target sites were rendered unavailable to the public.
Judgment upon any award rendered may be entered in the highest court of the forum, state or federal, having jurisdiction.
The experiment revealed that the genetic tweaking, indeed, rendered the mice resistant to weight gain.
The only heat and light was made from rendered whale and seal blubber.
The services he has rendered the country would be forgotten.
It may have been a lot of weight but certainly far better than being dead or rendered helpless.
The intensity of his struggle for survival thus is rendered the more credible.
Since it's out in the open, the drug money is presumably sanitized and rendered harmless.
Such a scene has far too great a range between light and dark to be rendered by film or digital sensors.
Calls are lost, phones are rendered useless, and the affected mobile operator is forced to pay a ransom or lose customers.
But they may be rendered illiterate when the batteries die or the grid short circuits.
Power and water are out in many parts of the region, and many homes have been rendered unsafe.
Over the intervening decades, advances in heavy artillery firepower had nearly rendered the fort's five-foot thick walls obsolete.
Beautifully rendered and detailed, it offers a rare look into the past.
High-energy food came in an unappetizing mix of rendered fats called pemmican.
Some cattle are given growth hormones, some are fed the rendered protein of other animals.
His aesthetic is clean and instantly readable-broad social cartooning rendered with the graphic bang of an indie concert poster.
She would have liked to teach history, but being herself a footnote to history rendered that unwise.
What made the spectacle work was the ingenuity and the attention to detail with which it was rendered.
Science was rendered obsolete by its own smashing victory.
The losers of both battles are in effect rendered homeless, with little prospect of breeding.
But the point is, relativity has rendered obsolete the concept of simultaneity.
So, previously arable land will be rendered useless by drought, or by contamination with seawater.
The sonnet has staged its own undoing and, doing so, has rendered an eloquent portrait of faith-under-pressure.
There was the paper, the carefully rendered dinosaur caught in mid-roar.
Suddenly rendered cost-efficient, cotton farming became a way to get rich quick.
Some experts are skeptical about the potency of chemical weapons, which can be rendered ineffective by heavy wind or rain.
Innovations of costume rendered this disillusion more complete.
But her book's main characters are scorchingly well rendered.
Yet those same events may have rendered him an anachronism.
They would also concern themselves more specifically with literary questions rendered urgent by three decades of war.
The article also rendered a character name incorrectly.
Normally when foreign words and sounds are imported into a language, they are rendered into that language's writing system.
Even the president's undoubted charisma has not rendered him immune.
Tycoon did well in these tests, and several amusing animated films were rendered using its system.
It rendered me powerless, ending my press conference.
The environments are vividly rendered with rich sound effects.
They've made it through drug and illness nightmares that could have rendered asunder a less devoted pair.
They rendered me unable to work or do pretty much anything except lie in bed in a dark, silent room.
Furthermore, their suite balcony was rendered unusable during a portion of the cruise because of painting and cleaning.
Any translator knows that six words sometimes have to be rendered by ten, for the sake of clarity or to interpret a nuance.
At best, they fade out of public life and are rendered innocuous.
But a long and bipartisan history of wishing financial problems away has rendered state government here particularly vulnerable.
And so that was the judgment rendered by his own people as to his leadership.
Linda believes that her advancing age has rendered her so unattractive that she seeks transfiguration through plastic surgery.
In that sense, many of the exhibits are exquisitely rendered lessons in national unity.
The preset fixed amount a patient must pay at the time a medical service is rendered.
But its remote location and insecurity rendered the cost of extraction too high.
The following payments are not for services rendered and are not reportable.
The claimant requests that the hearing officer's decision be reversed and that a decision be rendered in her favor.
These payments are not for services rendered and are not reportable.

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