remunerative in a sentence

Example sentences for remunerative

Recognizing the importance of a scholarly discipline's contributions may not be financially remunerative to a university.
To rein in reckless federal spending would be more responsible but probably less remunerative.
Export-led growth is less remunerative for the chancellor.
Although the economy is starting to create new and often highly remunerative jobs, they are out of reach to those who cannot move.
There is more tourism, but less remunerative tourism.
Furthermore, no amount of remunerative benefits would lure me into that sector.
But no country will monopolise all the highly-remunerative industries.
Some problems are more remunerative to solve than others.
Indeed, the decision to produce abroad is also a decision to concentrate at home on more highly remunerative services.
As a group they are probably younger, better educated, and engaged in more remunerative employment.

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