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Example sentences for remuneration

Second, let's not forget that remuneration committees are making choices with other people's money.
Many report receiving multiple job offers, with excellent remuneration, even in these difficult times.
It's also the cold fact that students need to be entrepreneurial, placing pieces for maximum exposure and remuneration.
The main fund manager is usually the largest investor and remuneration depends on the fund performing profitably.
Often the consultants are hired by the same executives whose remuneration is under discussion.
Then the banker leaders convinced their boards they deserved outrageous remuneration as merchant bankers had enjoyed.
When your present employer is the only company likely to offer you a top job, it has a big say in your remuneration.
We cannot link the worth of the executives with the remuneration.
It cannot match the perks, opportunities or remuneration for the professionals required to do the work.
With that amount of remuneration, asking for or receiving retirement is well unmanly.

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