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They never showed any sign that they would even remotely consider me as prey.
If you're even remotely interested, feel free to shoot me an e mail.
Look in the contract and see if there is really anything that might remotely suggest what they are arguing.
It is not, however, remotely the same as being an actual instructor of entire courses.
They are incapable of remotely sensing the oxygen level of the blood.
The avatars of two of his students, both of whom were participating remotely, entered the room to treat the patient.
It's the latest example of scientists using cellphones to help diagnose diseases remotely.
There is only one professor in the department who does anything even remotely close to my topic.
Also a lot of the observations come from satellites anyway so you are already doing things remotely anyway.
The researchers also want to develop repair methods that can allow service providers to cure infected phones remotely.
The telephone is still on the belt or nearby, but short-range radio allows the owner to use the telephone remotely.
There is nothing in my posts or views that is anti-government, not even remotely.
Bots, the millions of compromised computers remotely controlled by crooks, are doing more than spreading spam and phishing.
And the number of people who work remotely will continually increase worldwide in the coming years.
And, frankly, none of the characters you meet early on seem remotely interesting.
Pilots can maneuver the vehicles using remotely controlled thrusters.
Brain implants may allow humans to remotely guide some shark behavior.
Operators controlled the jockeys remotely, signaling them to pull their reins and prod the camels with whips.
The more toxic frogs are so nasty that predators quickly learn to avoid anything that remotely resembles them, she explained.
The photographs were taken by a camera in a hide and triggered remotely.
These individuals will field questions remotely, via their mobile devices, from the general public.
Any digging operation must be performed remotely to avoid worker exposure.
OK, so that is not even remotely close to the truth.
She does not remotely get the health care it is supposed to provide.
In fact there's nothing remotely surprising in the entire film.
There are few things more irritating than attempting to remotely access data from your home computer.
Dominion, in turn, would have the ability to stop and start electricity service and read meters remotely.
More disconcerting, he may not be able to conduct anything remotely resembling a normal conversation.
For many space science enthusiasts, that situation is not even remotely troubling.
But that doesn't mean you can't share in the experience remotely.
Also, keep in mind that no primates use any tool even remotely as complex as a fishing rod or net, or think to catch fish.
None of which is even remotely true, it's merely popular.
The only people remotely qualified with the care of exotic pets are zookeepers.
The spacecraft's travails highlight the difficulty of working remotely in the inhospitable environment of deep space.
There is nothing that can be done by human astronauts on the moon that can't be done by remotely operated robots.
None of which would be remotely as efficient, safe and pleasant as a dirigible by the way.
The cranes will also employ radioactivity monitors as well as cameras to help remotely operate the tools.
It is the vaguest of speculations buttressed by nothing that could even remotely considered scientific evidence.
But if one of the pumps fails, they may still have to make a call: not all the valves can be remotely controlled.
Various sorts of remotely controlled machines already explore the sea.
Sadly, the substance did not remotely match the storyline.
Nor when a remotely operated vehicle activated it later.
Farmers will monitor crops remotely and respond quickly to changing weather.
The firm can also offer to diagnose the health of an engine remotely.
For one thing, the data on these chips will be readable remotely, without the bearer knowing.
The euro-zone does not remotely resemble an optimum currency area.
But it is only indirectly and remotely a plan for saving money.
The more complex communications networks become, the harder it is to disable them swiftly, remotely or unilaterally.
Relative to drugs, these are bulky and low value, and neither face anything remotely corresponding to a hundredfold mark-up.
The wording of the proclamation was broad enough to cover almost any remotely similar future offense.
Nothing remotely approaching this has been accomplished.
But the city's school system is still not remotely where it needs to be.
It may be designed to disable your phone, remotely control your device, or steal valuable information.
At the age of forty-five, he is no longer remotely plump.
Thankfully, whatever happens now won't be remotely as bad as what could have happened then.
The strange flying object is controlled remotely by a cluster of giggling engineers.
It's big, expensive, and isn't remotely cost effective for the science allowed.
Astronauts could transfer to the station and the shuttle could then be remotely controlled to a holding orbit.
If it is remotely true it is if one considers only those who attain the rank of full professor early in their career.
Please explain how there could be anything remotely trivial about these design spaces.
Once the balloon approaches the coast or a populated area the observatory is remotely separated from the balloon.
Mobile power could give the military a huge advantage with remotely operated, unmanned equipment.
Nothing available today provides a low-cost, mobile solution that can be used remotely to both gather and transmit images.
People directly, indirectly, and even remotely involved in a situation are suddenly open to collaborating and sharing.
They would allow users to remotely control everything from lighting to refrigerators.
In addition, the robot has a video camera so that its progress can be monitored remotely.
Network operators use these files to, for example, change the settings on a device remotely.
Being able to remotely spot high-risk trees, which are the top cause of electrical outages, is important to utilities.
Some quick reflection will show that's not remotely the case.
The first will allow humans to remotely control takeoff and landing.
Anything remotely pleasurable, from drinking to card playing, was forbidden.
But this time, to make our relationship look even remotely believable, they had to boost me up by a foot or two.
During the night, the back door was locked and could be opened only remotely.
What is absent from the government's report is any remotely plausible sign of humanity.
Remotely shutting down the security cameras in a bank.
The information was unsubstantiated and has never been shown to be even remotely true.
But none of those steps came remotely close to the kind of conversion that would be required to reach a final agreement.
Neither fact remotely supports the legality of the program.
The camera, which can be viewed remotely by the caregiver at a computer, is placed about a foot off the floor.
All the treatments offer some relief, but none can remotely be called a cure.
The answer is not even remotely a standard, pretaped political response.
She's puzzled that people think her remotely culpable in the affair.
None of this makes the moon a wellspring, and it would have a long way to go before it became a remotely hospitable place.

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