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The simulator involves a headset an integrated video monitor and a remote control of the sort used to manipulate the machinery.
Then he walked away and detonated the car by remote control.
Most video senders also let you control the video source from the remote location with a regular remote control.
Seems over priced for what amounts to a stick from a mop, a remote control car, a processor and battery-operated wifi webcam.
The new sarcophagus, to be moved into place on rails by remote control.
The plant was a remote unattended pumped storage plant, which means it was run by remote control from another station.
Robots that help to detect and defuse mines are already doing service, although these are operated by remote control.
It has also devised a remote control that allows people who have never used keyboards to surf the web.
The first version operates mostly under remote control, rather than being a true, autonomous robot.
Many more options are available on demand with a few clicks of the remote control.
The bureaucracy running such industries on remote control shrunk in size much to their discomfort.
The pile of remote control units makes a clear statement that there must be a better way of telling machines what you want.
The remote control lies useless on top of the darkened box.
In the silence, you could hear viewers across the country reaching for the remote control.
If they don't, then usually an editor or someone with the remote control brutally reduces them to short-form stories.
Immediately afterward the rockets fired in sequence, having been triggered by either a timer or a remote control.
People have control over what they see--remote control.
The remote control had to change and bring the keyboard utility to make searching easier.
Consumers choose a channel via a software interface on their desktop that resembles a remote control.
Turn on the video projector using the video projector remote control.
Click to watch cattle being herded on the range by remote control.
It could be controlled manually or automatically through a remote control system.
The date code can be found on the back of the remote control.
Since everyone in a family has a different idea of where to put the remote control, finding it can be frustrating.

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