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The campus is on a hill north of the main city and in that sense fairly remote.
The site is remote enough that only a few archaeologists had ever been there.
He was a benevolent if remote presence, largely preoccupied with managing a successful dress manufacturing company.
Soon they agreed to let me camp on a remote corner of their property for a modest fee.
It's intended for health workers in remote parts of developing nations.
For a start the cost of infrastructure in remote areas is prohibitive.
Both are false, say astronauts and remote-sensing specialists.
However a remote controlled helicopter could easily accomplish the task.
With more remote memories, the structure's activity leveled off.
The present outcome was not only known, but has been explained since remote antiquity, though couched in different language.
Some remote communities have run for years on diesel.
Not likely to provide remote viewing capabilities anytime soon, either.
The change in incidence of schizophrenia is almost negligible, while the incidence of autism is still relatively remote.
Its subject is the economic and social breakdown of a remote industrial region.
Most of the volunteers taught at small colleges in remote cities.
The government also worried that a foreigner might hike in a remote area and get injured, creating bad press.
To many people, however, he now seems remote and musty-the author of flaking volumes encountered in country book barns.
The city was a latecomer to the new economy, and it was relatively remote.
The observatory site is so remote that humans have visited it only twice-fewer times than they've walked on the moon.
If you don't have a remote release, use the camera's self-timer.
When making long exposures, use a remote release to avoid camera movement.
He was denounced, banned from print, and sent to a remote mountain village.
No art appears as remote as music from the life and the society that produce it.
But at the time emancipation seemed to lie in the remote future.
Theirs was a hands-on life of the stage, not a remote life of the study.
The interactions with the clinical staff were remote, impersonal, and essentially mediated through machines.
Sadly, navigating your way from source to source and station to station is awkward, especially without using the remote.
Remote device management is now become a must-have for all major smartphone makers.
It's common to put the remote on the cable under one of the ears, so it hangs close to your chin.
The direction buttons on the remote slow down scrolling.
Hearing the clangs of swords from the remote or arrows leaving your hand enliven the action.
Fifteen years ago, the airport felt remote and puny.
For an understanding over the supranational control of atomic energy has been made more remote.
There's a remote chance of a loss of faith in the dollar.
In the silence, you could hear viewers across the country reaching for the remote control.
Not all gold investors stockpile guns and tinned food in remote cabins, of course.
In designer shirt and shoes, he hikes half way up a mountain to a remote village to solicit votes.
Gathering evidence of events in the remote past is no easy task.
Ethnic minorities locked up in remote areas often go uncounted.
These were strange animals who lived on a remote planet.
It has far fewer tools at its disposal for battling deflation, not a remote risk.
With server-based games the hardware on the casino floor is governed by software on a remote server.
As it will be held on a remote server, they will not have to transfer it from device to device.
Even getting anywhere near the remote launch site is normally tricky for foreigners.
The big reserves are mainly in remote and sparsely populated areas.
Enforcing the new policies in thousands of remote branches is a monumental task.
As they are easy to install and maintain, they are being used in remote areas of developing countries, as well.
Dave is a counter-insurgency specialist who spends his time at remote outposts, advising and trying to learn.
It's pretty much a hands-free remote control for anything electronic.
Most mobile military robots in use today are piloted via remote control by a human operator.
Material sucked up by a huge remote-controlled robot will be lifted through a steel pipe to a transport ship.
And the weirder and more remote the specimen, the more prestige in finding it.
While designed for emergency use, the devices could also be used in remote seaside locations in developing countries.
All of that work is done by software running on remote servers-in the cloud.
These could be useful for remote sensors or medical implants.
The browser stores the cookies and can send them back to remote servers.
He points out that some people will always be reluctant to upload their location information to a remote server.
It turns out he picked up a phone, believing it was the remote.
Visitors will park in remote lots and ride free shuttles to a pedestrian walkway connected to the island.
Emery is likely to wear out a few remote controls in his tenure.
Recently, researchers have proposed an inexpensive new remote sensing tool that could complement radiometers and radars.
We're making big changes to remote access to make it easy to get the information you need.
Drop anchor somewhere remote and dive off the deck for a swim.
The rest of the island is covered with remote, forested mountains, which are laced with hundreds of hiking trails.
Scientists say the possibility is remote that this genetic pattern would appear by chance.
Suddenly old warnings about flu, which had seemed so remote, were sounding a lot scarier.

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