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Example sentences for remorseful

In law, a remorseful offender is not let go but is given a lower sentence.
He's arrogant, remorseful to an extent but mostly because he was caught.
Not everyone who gets caught knows enough about what they did to be remorseful.
It should be noted that he was extremely cooperative with authorities and remorseful throughout the process.
Far ahead, the engine's whistle blew, full-throated and remorseful.
Now he grew remorseful about his seven-week stint as a smuggler.
He was crying and remorseful and apologized for having lied earlier.
Because he was the father of three at the time, he was especially remorseful.
It could rebut his claim that he was remorseful and all this was out of character for him because of drugs.
In some cases the trial court finds that the defendant is only remorseful for getting caught and facing a prison term.
As is also often the case, the error appears to have been made by a conscientious professional who was remorseful about the error.
He seems remorseful for having used marijuana and the negative impact it has had on his career.
The trial court is in the best position to judge the sincerity of a defendant's remorseful statements.

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Love that comes too late, Like a remorseful pardon slowly carried, To the great sender turns a sour offense... more
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