remit in a sentence

Example sentences for remit

Most students have to take out loans to remit what colleges demand.
Employers are already required to withhold and remit workers' income and payroll taxes.
Such value judgements are in any case outside the remit of science, and increase the risk of confirmation bias.
Obviously, in a short extract one is not going to get the full remit of the research or its results.
The remit leaves little room for manoeuvre and the conclusions are wearily predictable.
Managing such tasks without the army's help is beyond the department's usual remit.
Most importantly, the board will have no power over when and how even the figures within its remit are published.
But whether people are well or sick also depends on factors and policies that lie far beyond the remit of any health minister.
The government also gets involved in private business dealings that should be beyond its remit.
But if you do not discount staying in another company's properties, then the narrow remit will not be so useful.
And growth can be achieved by bringing more risks within their remit.
Failing to file a return or remit tax due will result in fines, penalties and possibly criminal charges.
Also, a business selling batteries and/or new tires should register to collect and remit a fee to the department.
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