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Example sentences for remission

According to the report, diabetic mice and rats went into remission five days after receiving the insulin-encoding gene.
Had he not waited a year to treat cancer with real medicine he might have gone into remission.
So it is difficult to know if a certain treatment actually works or was simply taken during a naturally occurring remission.
Neither do any of the people who posted their certainty that dark matter is dead, dying or in remission.
Now where remission of these is, there is no more offering for sin.
Thanks to the radiation last spring, her cancer was at present in remission-whatever that actually meant.
So this great doctor of mine found a treatment, which has given me a remission.
It wasn't only the satisfaction she felt as her credit-card balance went into remission.
Other countries have seen a similar pattern of cost remission followed by a renewed burst of spending growth.
Early family patterns in these stories have a way of lurking, a disease in remission that suddenly reerupts.
As a result, a lot of people who seem at first to be in remission eventually die of the cancer.
Their blood has been fully regenerated, their disease put into remission.
Five of the six went into complete remission within three weeks and stayed symptom-free for up to five months.
It was a long, grueling year, but thankfully the disease is now in remission and is doing well.
Although it has found new life on web sites and in books, the age of the topical visual long form is in remission.
Enteral nutrition can be effective for helping maintain remission.
If this occurs and the bone marrow looks healthy under the microscope, the cancer is said to be in remission.
After the acute phase, the disease goes into remission.
Asthma is usually chronic, although it occasionally goes into long periods of remission.
In some cases, allergies go into remission for years and then return later in life.
Psoriasis nearly always goes into remission, however, often clearing on its own.
After drastic surgery and two years of chemotherapy, the cancer went into remission.
Some patients may need to stay on steroids to keep the disease in remission.

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