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Example sentences for reminiscent

These unique abodes are less tent and more reminiscent of a room at a luxury resort.
Rustic cabins are reminiscent of traditional summer cottages.
He prefers combining a half-dozen kinds in pots, blending tone-on-tone patterns reminiscent of brocades.
Oils may have have a slightly bitter flavor, reminiscent of raw artichokes, but they shouldn't be harsh.
The sauce, reminiscent of deviled eggs, makes an elegant accompaniment for asparagus.
The fragrance was reminiscent of floral bourbon and the taste was dry, buttery, and delicious.
Some expressions of truth are reminiscent-others merely sensible, as the phrase is,-others prophetic.
But the whole book, with its grotesque adventures and practical jokes, is reminiscent of the spirit of the jest-books.
What thoughtful responses, reminiscent of forum posts of old.
But taking these pictures feels somehow wrong, reminiscent of trophy photos.
The camera has a novel design reminiscent of a telescope.
Indeed, this is reminiscent of how relationships are built and maintained between nations.
Koalas eat so many of these leaves that they take on a distinctive odor from their oil, reminiscent of cough drops.
It was reminiscent of the great tidal bores that are particularly pronounced during the equinox.
The taste was slightly smoky and reminiscent of butterscotch.
It's reminiscent of an old school hotel-restaurant trick, performed by the table to thrill the diners.
Likewise, low-pitched sounds are reminiscent of large objects and high-pitched ones evoke smallness.
Yet, oddly, even this notoriety is reminiscent of the city's heyday.
These delicate, lightly spiced cupcakes are reminiscent of carrot cake.
The findings were reminiscent of studies that show that creativity declines with age.
Perry's speech was, at times, reminiscent of the themes of his presidential campaign.
Other weird phenomena are reminiscent of smoke rings.
To invoke dark matter is reminiscent of the concept of the ether.
Running the game produces a variety of proliferating structures reminiscent of microorganisms seen under a microscope.
It's a bit reminiscent of another big democracy's obsession with movie stars and their troubles.
Despite the raucous comedy, you still manage to fit in some beautiful scenes that are reminiscent of your earlier work.

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