reminiscence in a sentence

Example sentences for reminiscence

It is warmed throughout by unforced private affection and by a veritable tumult of reminiscence.
Each annual phenomena is reminiscence and prompting.
The result is a curiously powerful daily jolt of reminiscence.
Anyway, the point of my reminiscence is that, is to add another possibility to the various reasons posters have suggested.
The reason was depression, she later wrote in a reminiscence.
Tell some backstage story, share some poignant reminiscence.
Her monologue becomes something of an inventory, lightly camouflaged as reminiscence.
The book is part personal reminiscence and part excerpts from speeches.
At the same time a story is also a reflection, a meditation, or a reminiscence.
Discusses the importance of elder poets' use of reminiscence and relationships.

Famous quotes containing the word reminiscence

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