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The trip was a great reminder of why once you're a desert rat, you're always a desert rat.
Landscape photographs printed on foam core are a sweet reminder of a favorite place.
Good or bad, history should be preserved as a reminder of what once was.
My favorite flowers, tulips, produce an irritating sap-a reminder to wear my garden gloves when planting bulbs.
Take home a piece of presidential history as a reminder of this unique experience.
Another chilling reminder are the prison hoods and shackles worn by the imprisoned conspirators.
The bird became synonymous with extinction, a haunting reminder of what a culture may lose when it squanders its natural wealth.
For many this is a grim reminder of a history that is not that far away.
But he is also a reminder that musical excellence can coexist alongside prodigious human decency.
As a reminder, submissions should be true, original personal essays somehow inspired by this invitation.
But a single reminder could be enough to restore it for months or years.
But a study finds a more effective reminder: clean hands helps patients.
When you sense a reminder of something bad coming on, do something to distract you.
One of them is a reminder of my military service, an eagle globe and anchor.
On the other hand, there is a kind of auto-text quality to this sort of historic reminder.
Instead he offered a reminder of why it is so difficult to believe anything he says.
It is also a reminder of the enduring pleasures of sound in poetry.
The sympathy cards were a constant reminder of other killings.
The world's coasts are a daily reminder of the moon's influence on our planet.
They're a searing reminder as well of the profound and often lasting effects of war on every individual caught in its grasp.
City dwellers buy bush meat as a reminder of their heritage and because it confers social status.
But this tour was a sobering reminder of the perils of living in the tropics.
It is also a reminder of the importance of reaching out to those less fortunate.
The crash was a graphic reminder of our mortality-but for once, it was a reminder of our mortality that had a happy ending.
The station's eerie brightness is a reminder of too many false dawns.
It's a reminder, among other things, that decoupling is and will likely remain an incomplete phenomenon.
It was a pointed reminder that the supreme leader has the final say.
The past week has produced a sharp reminder of how sensitive the relationship can be-and how quickly it might spin out of control.
But, this is a polite reminder to think twice before posting anything that is too loud, aggressive or rude.
So the closure is a timely reminder of the extent to which the world economy is tied to services provided to mankind by nature.
Many busy people rely upon a reminder system to ensure that important tasks or appointments don't get overlooked.
When you make the initial request, explain that you will send them a reminder a week or two before the deadline.
The article is a reminder to the scholars and researchers of the history about the cycle of life.
Nonetheless, the ritual endures, an intimate reminder of the time before stealth applications.
And that's a reminder that it may take a while for colleges to dance to a new beat.
It's a placeholder, an apologetic reminder that somewhere in this happy land there are cookies, but not here.
The film can be read as a poignant reminder that even then, not everyone wanted to live in the world of tomorrow.
Click here to set an e-mail reminder and to join the chat.
Click here for info and to sign up for an e-mail reminder.
The essays are also a reminder of how many more places a poet could work out his worries in public fifty years ago.
It is a ghost of couture, a reminder that once all clothes were bespoke, handmade.
They think they are intentionally putting this reminder in our faces.
In the old days, the hostess herself got on the telephone and followed up with a reminder.
When she appeared at the studio a day or so later, the bandages on her wrists were the only visible reminder of that tawdry drama.
The photographs are a bitter reminder of the hideous race between better medical response and ever more devastating weaponry.
Most commentators have interpreted this as a stark reminder of the horrors of warfare.
So for me that excess cold coffee at the bottom of the pot became a bothersome reminder.
The magnificent night is a reminder for all to join in circles to gather at night for inner knowing.
It's a stark reminder of the power of modern genetics, and the promise that it heralds for cancer research.
It's another reminder that experiencing something in your mind often has the same effects as experiencing it in the flesh.
The star system would also serve as a frequent visual reminder to think about nutrition.
The sky show the planets have planned for this month is a reminder of the aesthetic elegance the solar system can sometimes offer.
It's a subtle reminder that when it comes to food, our stomachs tend to be more persuadable than our ethics.
For reminder systems, messages should be delivered close to the due date for vaccinations.

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