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We feel guilty to call ourselves veterans and sometimes have to remind ourselves that our military service wasn't a chimera.
Then you can remind them that if they continue to do this, they will be asked to leave.
We will remind you when a new debate is about to start and when each phase of a debate begins.
One way advertisers convince us to buy something is to remind us that we've enjoyed their product before.
Certain travel destinations remind you that you live on a planet-an old, weathered, tectonic-plate-shifting planet.
Huge double blooms, with layers of pink and cream petals, remind us of cool sorbet.
Paintball is fun, except for the painful bruises that remind you of that fun a week after the fact.
The minaret was used for centuries to remind people of prayer time.
Bruises, red eyes, and research remind me that insomnia breaks down body and soul.
But the exchange served to remind watchers that the opposite of experience is innocence.
Remind students to use all of their senses to observe their habitat.
Magicians are always fascinating and remind us how fragile our perception is.
We wanted to remind visitors that they are in the city while they are in this other world of the exhibition space.
Displays of treasured and found items give guests a glimpse into your life and remind you of your history.
The president comes out of his office to remind his secretary to hold his calls.
Text messages are also being used to remind patients about blood tests, clinics, scans and dental appointments.
Today they also remind us to reduce, reuse and recycle.
Undoubtedly, it is important to remind ourselves of the interconnectedness of all things large and small.
With their elaborate designs, parterres remind me of plush decorative carpets.
White flowers remind us of freshly fallen snow, of course.
The news last week should remind us of why it is all too easy to parody higher education.
Politicians in both parties need to remind themselves that there is much more that unites than divides them.
Remind students that the shape of a state or country does not determine-but can influence-unity or division among people.
Remind your favorite take-out place to leave out the plastic utensils when they pack your food to go.
Both its open pattern and its peeling bark remind me a little of eucalyptus.
Or the soda machine might actually remind you that you're thirsty and need a drink.
It also lets them remind patients about appointments.
He may also see some sights that remind him of home.
Consider using the date of your birthday each month to remind you to go out exploring.
The rocky formations in the background remind me of a facial profile.
All the comforts of civilization but rustic enough to remind you nature is all around you.
But it doesn't have to be that way, as futuristic cell phone concepts constantly remind us.
At a smaller college you will be expected to help track down students and remind them.
The president has made some progress, as he will remind voters in the campaign.
It can remind us that subtlety can be far more beautiful than manipulated imagery.
The main flavoring ingredient will come as a delightful surprise and remind the recipients of summer.
They come up with ways, perhaps unwittingly, to remind themselves what group they're in.
My job at the college workshop was to remind the group that the author had her own thesis.
For some people, that uniform might remind of persecution, deportation and killing.
Wherever you venture, the smells of jasmine and grilling street food will remind you where you are.
Bosses constantly remind their underlings that if you can't count it, it doesn't count.
Remind students that there are certain things they can do to protect themselves in the event of a disaster.
Jerry added the wallpaper a few years ago to remind himself of days spent casting lines with his dad.
There are signs to remind you to be respectful and not take photographs, but they sell them.
Remind students to consider all the outcomes of the disasters.
Remind them that their answers should stay on the topic of crocodilians' long term survival.
Remind students that not all seven of the characteristics will be found in each of the three rituals, but many of them will.
Remind students to follow up on the information their group promised to offer in the story.
Make sure to pepper your conversation with grandiose predictions and remind others of your.
But these days there is plenty of heartbreak and fear in these suburbs to remind everyone of what now is.
Some of the roll calls of our essayists remind one of the tale of a rejected and dejected suitor.
One of the book's incidental pleasures is to remind the reader that there are worse weeds than those found in the garden.
Regardless of their groupings, remind students to consider the feelings and effects of being in a larger group.
Not to worry, the life systems on this planet will soon remind us of this.
If you made a favorable impression on the committee, you won't have to remind them who you are by sending a follow-up letter.
It is useful to get angry, to remind yourself of the arbitrary factors that influenced the decision.
Yet, as conservationists of larger organisms are quick to remind you, extinctions can have unexpected consequences.
Let me also take this time to remind you to look ahead and renew your subscription.
Which goes to remind us yet again that it's not what you believe that counts, but the way you believe, and its consequences.
Remind students they should ask and answer questions as they read, too.
Also, remind yourself that lots of other people have earned doctorates, so you can as well.
Remind students to keep these ideas in mind as they read.
Many of the comments posted on this blog eerily remind me the postings that can be seen on political sites.
Remind students not to eat any wild mushrooms and, after handling, not to touch their eyes or mouth before washing their hands.
Wow, the warming deniers remind of me of religious fanatics.
And, let me remind you, simply declaring that some of other sentence reveals bias is not sufficient.
It can also remind nurses to adjust a patient's body position so they don't get pressure ulcers.
Have a watch of this and remind yourself of the consequences when it does go wrong.
Signs also remind visitors not to use camera phones.
Then remind students that, at the time, ships were wind-powered.
Remind them there are different kinds of scientists onboard such as chemists, geologists, and marine biologists.
Remind them to consider which parts are needed for a submarine to submerge and travel under the sea.
Remind them to focus on the three characteristics that many rituals reflect.
Remind students that other animals besides cranes are helped by having this safe habitat.
Remind the students that they may want to recommend particular routes that would keep the sailors safe from large waves.
Remind students to use observational skills to look for tools, geographic clues, and the work being done.
Remind students that the temperature and population density maps they have seen are examples of thematic maps.
Remind students that as they work they should be arranging their index cards into a tree structure.
Take students outside and remind them of the safety precautions they must take.
To me, the shapes in the sculpture remind me of the moon over the city, and of the stars.
It would only have depressed her friends to remind them that she couldn't have wine, let alone vodka.
That's exactly when you'll need to remind yourself of what's really at stake.
They will need smartly designed checklists to remind them about the stuff they cannot forget.
He likes to remind the plaintiffs that they have rights but may not have remedies.
But having to do so actively will remind him that the data are there.
The importance of this is to remind us of the bond which unites the literary with the religious revival of the eighteenth century.
Neither its merits nor its defects remind us of the reputed author.
Kodak printer ads remind consumers of lower ink costs.
At best, they've written something on the reverse side of the card to remind them why a contact is important.
Program your computer to remind you when it's time to take a break.
They remind us that heroism does not require special training or physical strength.
Even the cookie-cutter housing developments, with their xeriscaping and washed-out desert palette, remind you where you are.
They're tied to key moments in their lives, and places that remind them of those moments.
It is, in fact, normal human behavior to be drawn to help people who remind you of yourself.
We want to remind you that this is a great university, with a great faculty.
Remind them that the theories aren't mutually exclusive.
You'll need something to remind you to stretch your legs every so often.
Now the two remind staffers of an old married couple that quarrel harmlessly.
In so doing, however, the censors actually remind us how awful true censorship must be.
Wright is right to remind us of this, however obliquely.
The winds flatten out, and you get those incredible shapes that remind me of squids and flowers.
In fact, that scent tended to remind them of their boyfriends, both past and present.
Remind me not to shoot my next music video with windmills in the background.
In many ways, modern environmentalists remind people of cult members or zealous religious fanatics.
Music video and song captions are shown on television screen to remind the singers during singing.
The river-spanning webs remind me of tunnel traps for catching bats.
Remind me again why science blogs should take stands on matters of religion.
Mariners team up with health and safety leaders to remind public to buckle-up, drive sober drivers.
Remind students that it is important that the rockets share a common base to ensure they are in the right order.
Remind students that they're on their own and are not invincible.
The site will even send you mobile alerts to remind you to pay your bills.
Photographs remind her that she was wearing a polo shirt and blue jeans when she won.
Few consumers would think about the pesticides and hormones in conventional foods without the organic alternative to remind them.
And remind them to revise the school name at the top of each letter.
They also will remind you when it's time to change tires.

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