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Around here, he will be much remembered and much missed.
Surviving crewmen remembered an admiral belittling their awards.
If nothing had happened, they contend, people would not have remembered the strange behavior.
How often that the dead are remembered but not the living.
In fact, almost no one remembered that this country even existed.
Humans have no remembered experience of such sudden, far-reaching shifts.
Make sure your pictures show events that the interviewee remembered.
His legacy will live on, and he left some great work to be remembered by.
Find out in this test that measures two different types of happiness: remembered happiness and experienced happiness.
Several years ago he'd remembered the cave and told us about it.
He was exactly as others have remembered him-witty and lighthearted, but thoughtful and informed.
Because so many people neglect to send anything, the polite people who do stand out and are remembered.
Or she would be driving along a highway when she remembered that she had left the bag on the roof of her car.
At the end of two or so hours, she'd read the essay and remembered it.
The attention of peers is crucial, shunning by them a long-remembered mortification.
For some, this year in science may be remembered more for its disasters than its successes.
In less than the blink of an eye, people remembered a systematically modified version of pictures they had seen.
When grouped, individuals also remembered which of the others was their task partner.
The study reviewed below showed that mice solving such a maze used new neurons to create the remembered spatial map.
If anything is culturally remembered it would seem more likely that it was thousands of years of campfire dances.
Letting people control these deadly weapons on their own will be a thing of the past, remembered mainly for its barbarianism.
The flies remembered for several days after the training period which scent came with a sweet treat.
Other political generals are also remembered more for their military defeats or blunders than for any positive achievements.
Finally, he remembered his parents hadn't dragged him to abandoned forts, but had bought him a bike and turned him loose.
It was portraiture that brought him fame and fortune, and it is portraiture for which he is remembered.
He is remembered above all for his signature rhythm.
She wanted the dignity of her presence to be remembered as a speaker and an orator.
She remembered the summer evening when they had walked together and wanted to walk with him again.
Now, it will be remembered that this really happened within the present century.
It should always be remembered that the financial report is made for the information of members.
It will be remembered how the players had nonplussed the corporation by setting up their houses outside the walls of the city.
It's possible that the students lied about what they remembered.
It's as if our remembered past can outlast the brain itself.
But it's his contribution to the field of temporal physics for which he is best remembered.
Explicitly remembered information includes ad slogans, product benefits, and website addresses.
If the user agrees two times, the setting is remembered and they are not asked again.
He is well remembered by many working on the foundations of quantum mechanics but not well known by people in other areas.
It must also be remembered that much of these projects are funded by the government.
Often they are accompanied by emotions or by imagined or remembered images or other sensations.
But the shock, the pain, and the loss will be long remembered.
The temptation was to frame it, since it marks one of those transitions in life that merits being remembered.
Should that happen, his protracted creative process will be vindicated, and the doctor will always be remembered.
Write your memoirs to tell your story the way you want it remembered.
When history looks back at the digital revolution, he was the foremost herald, and will be remembered as such.
It is as though any joy, especially a newly remembered joy, must be tickled by sin.
Her house is a complicated latticework of servants, cousins, and half-remembered quarrels and affairs.
But before all this occurred, he remembered one particular scene from his life.
He is best remembered for helping to found econometrics.
He remembered the fun they used to have, the dances and parties.
Maybe they half remembered the thriller in question.
It now seems clear that he has an additional claim to be remembered, as a letter-writer.
Others, including her husband, remembered the incident differently.
The price of human life in war should always be clearly remembered.
No, although it ripples throughout with remembered scenes and places.
Bob had remembered what the rest of us had forgotten.
At first she couldn't recall being sick, but then she remembered.
Those who remembered ethical actions showed no such preference.
He remembered fondly the tiny metal screws holding it together, the finely cut markings, the silky feel of the slide.
Slate mixed doctored photos of these fake events with other photos of real ones, and asked the readers which they remembered.
However, if he sent them to sleep for a few hours after their training, they remembered what they had learned.
But those who'd slept remembered details about the smashed car.
It was both a help and a horror that she remembered so much.
He caught sight of his own book on the coffee table, and remembered how incredibly wealthy he was.
The first decade of this century will be remembered as the moment when comics finally conquered the cinema.
It's one of the ones that the media of our time is going to be remembered for.

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