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Now the evangelicals remake them to fit their needs.
One of our biggest challenges is how to remake our suburbs, which tend to be generic.
He attends to every detail, and he has the funds to remake the capital to his liking.
He certainly benefited from the fact that he had twenty years to remake himself.
Presidents don't get to remake society from first principles.
In flywheels, as a matter of fact, a high-tech remake could pay off in spades.
In the case of language that has drifted into disfavor, banning it is a futile effort to remake history, and a dangerous one.
By then the right-wingers were gone, and the intellectuals chose to remake the emptiness rather than abide with the many.
In fact his first, urgent task is to remake finance.
Amid the ructions, both must stick to their mission to remake the state.
Rather, he champions non-intervention: foregoing attempts to remake the world by military means, including sanctions.
The ambitious sniff a chance for personal advancement, but also to remake their parties-and even the political structure.
If they failed to remake it, this was largely because they were out of it on one illegal substance or another.
Ryan wants to remake the world in the image he carries in his head of how it should be.
Dreamworks is currently adapting it for a fictional remake.
In fact, they may remake electricity as well as transport.
Instead all three chose to remake themselves, often implausibly.
Perhaps it would be a better idea to remake these groups.
It doesn't redo old ideas, revisit threadbare conceits, or remake twice-told stories in a tired way.
Successful and in his prime, he can remake himself however he likes.
Resale shops remake empty retail spaces as consumers.
Once the file is re-saved, the user can remake the docket entry.
Write on the application that you are requesting a remake for a lost or damaged plate.
Each year new snags and shifting shoals remake the river channel.
Plastic surgeons may remake the nose to repair an injury or deformity, or to make it more visually appealing.

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