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We were urged to remain calm, to stay inside, to await further instructions.
But his phoniness would remain a weakness even if he won the presidency.
Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.
Newspapers remain at the forefront of defending and promoting press freedom around the world.
They are strong swimmers and can remain submerged for as long as five minutes.
All but a few fragmentary episodes of her own long life remain unchronicled.
Leaves open pale gold in spring and remain pale chartreuse all summer.
They got much better grades, were more likely to remain married and were less dependent on welfare programs.
At the state and local level transport budgets will remain tight while unemployment is high.
Ninety percent of the world's oceans remain unexplored.
Deciduous trees start their growth with a burst of new leaves or flowers in early spring, then remain in leaf through summer.
Given that nobody buys them anymore, though, this is likely to remain a concept.
The search will remain open until the position is filled.
Scientists estimate that perhaps only a few hundred pairs remain in the wild.
The area's fault zone has been active for thousands of years and is likely to remain so.
Because the past will do its best to remain unchanged.
Position will remain open until a suitable candidate is identified.
Domestic savers remain willing to roll them over, which enables the government to fund its deficits.
Tropical cyclones remain nature's fiercest storms.
The behaviour and lifestyle of the salamander remain a mystery.
Global warming threatens to remain an environmental scourge, despite science's best efforts to understand and contain it.
As a result, financial resources remain abundant for businesses with a worthwhile plan and strategy.
Yet a small but vociferous number of scientists remain undeterred.
Insects use a combination of aerodynamic effects to remain aloft.
The finished floors remain under wraps until all interior painting is done.
Independent movies are going to remain independent of this model.
The search will remain open until a well-qualified appointee is identified.
As a result, unemployment is likely to remain high in the rich economies even as it falls in the poorer ones.
Goldfinches remain in flocks until well past the time when other species have formed pairs and are nesting.
Comb jellies sit alongside two other major groups near the base of the tree, but their relative positions remain contentious.
Printers remain the lifeblood of the home and office, but you really want them to do more in exchange for the desktop real estate.
Borrowing costs are set to remain well above their levels before the crisis.
The health impacts of the aftermath of natural gas production remain largely unexplored.
Locate bulbs where they can remain undisturbed for many years.
Multiple users could share the device, but specific content or contacts would remain unique to each individual user.
The wallpaper image will remain until the computer is restarted.
Even through a deteriorating economy, their services remain on high demand.
The resulting changes remain respectful to the design of the original home.
The vulgar plastic slabs being sold as digital picture frames remain too ugly and bulky for a civilized drawing room.
After an initial improvement, deficits will still remain substantial in subsequent years.
Yet questions remain about why the illusion happens.
In mild-winter areas, old leaves remain green for more than a year.
Scanning for insects and small invertebrates, they remain still until the time to strike is perfect.
But this has been no beauty parade, in which only the loveliest remain to claim the grand prizes.
But the cats may have originally been seen by private landowners who wish to remain out of the spotlight.
But any biological or seafood impacts remain unknown at this point.
The leaves reach a certain height and size then curl and dry out in a matter of days although the stalks remain green.
One prediction, based on the probable package labeling, is that they could remain on shelves for three more years.
Despite falling rates, advanced economies remain as dependent on top earners as ever.
In other words, it's not an environment for people who want to remain strangers.
Every time a biological age is swept aside, a few creatures remain.
Despite being so common, these dangerous and sometimes deadly storms remain shrouded in mystery.
Flowers age to tannish gold, remain attractive for a long time.
We remain committed to constant improvement and transparency in the service of sound, respectful science.
And there remain many other gaps in our understanding.
But despite a surge of scientific interest, synesthesia's mechanisms remain unknown.
But human lust for elephants' ivory spawned a now illegal trade that decimated many populations, some of which remain endangered.
The mystery here is how this swamp lover's giant leaves remain spatter free in the muddiest swamp.
Scientists say that bones that remain together after burial are articulated.
The thieves and the other two paintings remain missing.
Universities remain virtually free, but change may be coming to their historic halls.
And it remains to be seen whether these depositors will remain loyal in times of trouble.
In our fossil-fuel age, oil spills remain a major problem.
The official said all of the foreign students decided to remain on campus.
So many of the photos will remain in my memory beautifully executed.
We've made sure that all existing comments on the site will remain in place.
Without a rapid and sustained increase in overall rates of economic growth, reducing poverty will remain a considerable challenge.
Both deities remain important figures in indigenous culture today.
Beyond making drugs, however, such big-dollar corporate alliances remain rare.
The current-account balance will remain in deficit in the outlook period owing to weaker prices for metals.
Digital textbooks remain a nascent business and a tough market to enter.
Searches will remain open until the positions are filled.
But legitimate questions remain about the extent of warming.
Thus, they remain invariant under mutual transformation.
His descendants remain involved in the business today.
They would work closely with diplomats, then return to their labs and remain on call for special projects for another five years.
Despite the intellectual property concerns, the other three remain open for now.
Ask students if rituals remain an important part of modern life.
Yet granular materials remain poorly understood compared with conventional solids, liquids and gases.
The long-run benefits of such schemes, however, remain unclear.
Different activities can happen on orbit, but the orbit will remain the same.
Tuition will increase across all higher-education sectors and state-financed student aid will continue to dwindle or remain flat.
The dots that remain should be those that blend in to the environment the best.
Consumers remain hesitant to spend because unemployment and debt are high.
He pledged that those who wrote to him would also remain anonymous.
Still, there remain important questions about the way skeletal anatomy relates to soft tissue anatomy.
Only bones and other rare traces of their existence remain.
Some lineages will rapidly and drastically change, and others will remain in relative stasis over millions and millions of years.
But there are certain places in the world where certain events remain in people's minds all year long.
Vera puts it on a shelf, where it will remain until someone calls or until she decides it's time to auction it off.
Regional, ethnic and religious differences also remain.
But it's the result of their monumental efforts that remain with us today.
To be sure, the environmental risks remain largely unknown.
Questions over risk compensation will remain unresolved because behavioral change is multidimensional and difficult to measure.
Males, meanwhile, form coalitions of siblings that hunt together and may remain together for life.
We could remain a military super power while our society falls apart from within.
Now interviews are optional, but they remain popular with students.
Many questions about the future of globalized higher education remain unanswered.
Donors remain unaware they do not own their cells.
Photovoltaic cells remain woefully inefficient at converting sunlight into electricity.
Others remain deeply sceptical that the tests took place at all.
Challenges remain before light-emitting ceilings can become common.
Tropical regions are predicted to remain temperature stable.
Although significant strides have been made in treatment and vaccination for these liver-based diseases, shortfalls remain.
The nature and origin of the manuscript remain a mystery.
Another is that their long-term prospects remain reasonable, if humble.
Unemployment continues to rise, retail sales remain weak and external trade is still depressed.
Oilmen are worried because they believe that many of the factors behind the record-breaking ascent last year remain in place.
Capital will remain scarce and trust in short supply.
The more hawkish countries want oil prices to remain as high as possible to fund their lavish budgets.
If one newspaper starts charging, readers may migrate to those that remain free.
Barriers to new entrants remain, such as a shortage of credit and historically low retail margins.
But with unemployment now rising, far-reaching labour market reforms will remain elusive.
For a while, times will remain tough for mobile-phone companies.
We need to remain focused on what's real and try to solve the problems that actually face us.
Thanks to cheap phone calls and flights, migrants often remain in close touch with their homelands.
The government has sought to quell growing discontent by declaring a week of national mourning, but the questions remain.
Although poverty rates remain higher in the inner cities, the gap is narrowing.
Even if its economy slows sharply over the next couple of years, its long-term prospects remain bright.
Of the numerous publications which remain to show the fruits of his busy pen, scarce one is read to-day.
The field in the foreground has a wild uncultivated appearance as if it had been allowed to remain fallow the preceding summer.
They remain united until about the end of the sixth month.
The velocity must therefore always remain less than c, however great may be the energies used to produce the acceleration.
The two which remain are polished, to their great benefit.
Conceded the utmost freedom, the romantic drama would yet remain inferior.
In his personal career, too, there are some events that still remain obscure.
The womb may not return to its natural size, but remain large and heavy, tending to fall away from its natural position.
But few remain quite so excited when they see the often-limited performance and inflated price tags.
Nonetheless, indications remain that demand for the devices is brisk.
Moreover, it's far too useful to remain tethered to a single cellular network.
Many of these public spaces remain, but they are no longer centers for political discussion and action.
Unless removed, they'll remain in the sea for hundreds of years, breaking up into ever-smaller particles.
And, they say, the feature should remain in order to benefit users with visual and print disabilities.
But only a handful of experts remain to look for and identify them.
Tiger cubs remain with their mothers for two to three years before dispersing to find their own territory.
The sun's role in global warming has long been a matter of debate and is likely to remain a contentious topic.
As long as energy prices remain high, biofuels will compete with food for land and water across the globe.
On the contrary, rituals remain an important and enduring aspect of our daily life.
Some aspects of the king's appearance, however, are destined to remain mysterious.
Many stories have been told as a result of these investigations-many remain to be told.
Because the bones were buried gently and slowly in mud, many of them remain uncrushed.
While the creatures' specific biochemistries remain unclear, one microbe uses oxygen to break down methane.
In many rural villages, patients remain untreated until mobile units reach them.
Neither has the nature of their apparent link to lightning formation, about which many long-standing mysteries remain.
Many argue that half-tumbled walls left untouched are moodily evocative and remain available for future study.
Positions remain active on our website until they are filled.
But there are plenty of other mysteries that remain to be solved.
The reef and atoll systems that have evolved here in isolation remain virtually untouched by humans.
They remain active all year in more temperate locations.
But thousands more remain, he said, and the days left before they starve or die from dehydration are numbered.
Footprints tracked across this living community may remain visible for years.
Birds that remain in the polar north through winter manage to find food despite three months of total darkness.
Lots of people do, of course, but somehow they remain in the minority.
No one likes spoilers, but in this case, there's something to be said for the consumer's right to remain informed.
It will either decline slightly again this year for a sixth-in-a-row or remain virtually flat.
With no words and no art, without a penetrating and synthesizing process of thought, for me a butterfly would remain incomplete.
The private benefit of more education would remain, but the social benefit would be zero.
Or she may remain in the kitchen and begin hurling objects at her family: telephones, coffee cups, plates.
One or two important matters that arise out of the situation when the votes have been cast, remain to be considered.
As drought conditions mount, people remain unaware and continue with their normal routines.
Long after proofs have been disproved, he knew, insights remain fresh.
Their capital markets remain shallow and prone to capital flight at the first sign of trouble.
To remain there three hours hung up, was pretty often.
Yet there would remain the problem of how even those reduced costs could be distributed among various groups in the population.
If they were, then airline revenue would remain largely unchanged relative to costs.
Some of the flakes that remain in the strainer can be toasted for a garnish if desired.
She wonders what will happen to the farm when she can no longer remain.
Remembering journeys past, some portions remain stubbornly unavailable to recollection.
The guitars opened for a surge of ringing chords in the middle of the song, but it was determined to remain unresolved.
As people try to rebuild their nest eggs, the savings rate is bound to remain higher than it was a few years ago.
The books of his poetry on my shelves never remain unopened for long.
He said something to the effect that being famous is wonderful, as long as you remain unknown.
Businesses remain reluctant to make new investments.
Here, as in a number of areas, large cultural gaps remaIn.
The dinosaurs are long gone, but their tracks remain, telling strange tales of where the creatures went and how they lived.
It may dissipate into the universe but remain somehow entangled in some kind of functional unit, maybe indefinitely.
Interesting read but several questions still remain.
The monitor shows a steady, weak signal revealing that few of the cesium atoms remain excited.
Yet the animals' intestines remain thin and underdeveloped in places, bizarrely bloated in others.
Those who survive the disease often spend weeks on respirators and remain weakened for months, until new nerve endings can grow.
But if some cells remain in the uterus or have escaped into the bloodstream, the hcg level resumes its rise.
Imagine trying to remain calm and composed while working in the middle of a war zone, a natural disaster, or other crisis.
If anything, his influence and access remain quite undiminished.
She eviscerates so elegantly that her corpses remain standing.
For obvious reasons, he must remain anonymous, but it came to me from a trusted source.
Police say it will remain closed for two to three months, isolating local communities that depend on the tunnel for access.
And since humans remain social animals, gathering places will remain important in business.
He stresses, however, that colonoscopies remain the gold standard for diagnosing the disease.
The pillow is, and will likely remain, a decidedly non-digital device.
Maybe it's in the interest of somebody that expectations of the future cost of energy remain high.
Even then, tumor cells may remain deeply lodged, replicating and spreading quickly through healthy brain tissue.
But whether enzymes remain stable for a long period of time is a concern, she says.
But fuel cells remain an expensive way to generate electricity, and they don't yet make economic sense for all businesses.
But many experts say that serious obstacles remain to getting the industry off the ground.
However, questions remain about how well these cells represent neurons in living brains.
But in psychopathic patients, these sections of the amygdala remain dark, showing greatly reduced activity or none at all.
Because the fossils remain encased in their original position, there is no doubt about how bones are connected at joints.
Since each material has a different density, they naturally remain in distinct layers, which simplifies manufacturing.
Even as they come in contact, fluids will remain discrete, retaining their respective molecules.
All of the protein, minerals, and nutrients remain and are processed to make feed for animals.
The case may perhaps remain as an example of the advantage of consultation over confrontation.
Ever since, the act of writing has demanded interpreting the traces that remain.
In one's eagerness to remain within the emotional aura of a memorable game one laps up any silliness.
After numerous investigations and reinvestigations the facts remain unclear.
Believers remain skeptical about him, waiting to see whether he can cultivate himself to a high level.
During the next year the laws regarding codes of dress or matters of faith and worship will probably remain unchanged.
We can be sure that his will not remain the last word spoken in that argument.
Shops remain shuttered despite a week of rebel rule.
The great horror was that things would remain the same, second only to a fear that things would never be the same again.
Many businesses seemed to remain open solely to give their owners shelter from the elements.
These notes remain fixed and the pianist goes back and forth from them to the notes in the center.
Since digitized books occupy no shelf space they can remain in print and in stock as long as digital storage devices survive.
Eight decades later they remain well-kept, attractive places to live.
The implications of these differences for vaccine development remain uncertain.
Yet it's what separates the successful and well-paid from those who stagnate and remain undervalued.
When farmers spray pesticides, a residue can remain on the produce.
After all, once you clock out, you're not bound to remain in the fund your employer picked for you.

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