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The wisest princes need not think it any diminution to their greatness, or derogation to their sufficiency, to rely upon counsel.
In the other chief characters of this story the author seems to rely entirely on natural truthfulness.
Blueberries, melons, squashes-all kinds of crops rely heavily on honeybees.
But as more and more people came to rely on potatoes as a principal food source, the stage was set for a national tragedy.
At this point, good dinosaur movies are going to have to rely on solid storytelling.
There are many people in our county that don't have vehicles and rely on others to take them places.
By late spring, everyone had agreed to rely on advertising, with the ads discreetly presented.
Increasingly, they rely on the police for control and focus on preserving power.
Public hospitals are so overcrowded that people are forced to rely on inaccurate tests dispensed at private labs and clinics.
More than a thousand federal statutes rely on marriage to define one's status.
Over time, she began to rely on that energy boost to get through the day.
Most conventional fertilizers rely on ammonia made from natural gas.
It isn't a serious graphics program, but many casual users rely on it.
Declines in housing valuations are making it difficult for families to rely on home-equity loans for college financing.
The college has shifted its business model and plans to rely more on its growing market of part-time and graduate students.
My advisee knows how to use semicolons, which is unusual, but he tends to rely on them too heavily.
Do not rely on the bulleted items in your vita to articulate to the committee what your credentials are.
Instead, the project will rely on private-sector backing.
They employ shockingly few people, and many rely heavily on volunteers.
In short, inexpert choosers sometimes do best when they rely on experts to choose for them.
She mustn't come to rely on me, or anything external.
Many use it to communicate, and almost all rely on acoustics to navigate a dark, often turbid world.
Scientists regularly have to rely on a few dated observations of questionable veracity.
Many mainstream media outlets rely on the group's research in their own political coverage.
The upside is that because it doesn't rely on light amplification, it works in total darkness.
Indeed, existing less-lethal munitions that rely on kinetic energy can be deadly, particularly if fired at close range.
The prosthetic will rely on micro-arrays, implanted into the brain, that record signals and transmit them to the device.
They can generate a lot of power, but rely on expensive sun-tracking mirrors.
But governments could come to rely on such purchases to finance budget deficits.
Most websites, even those heavy with video content, rely on their users being able to read and-if interactive-write.
Fiscal adjustments that rely on spending cuts are more sustainable and friendlier to growth than those that rely on tax hikes.
Unlike virtually every other ecosystem on the planet, these deep-sea communities do not rely on the sun for their food.
All rely on the same increasingly expensive pool of commodities.
Its electronics, fine-chemicals and car industries rely on them.
Investors rely on the integrity of the price as a guide to fundamental value.
Firms that rely on primogeniture, he notes, perform poorly.
Short stories, by contrast, rely on instant attraction and immediate gratification.
Strong profits allowed many companies to rely on internal funds for their investment needs.
Never again, it was solemnly proclaimed, should the markets rely on the word of the agencies.
They can rely on their isolation, and on the sheer ruthlessness of their repression.
What the government does not want, however, is to rely on foreign creditors for its borrowing.
And they would rely on real-life rather than escapist scenarios.
It would also reduce proceeds from land sales, on which local governments rely for revenues.
Some companies prefer to rely on in-house chaplains.
The machines used to generate them still rely resolutely on vacuum tubes.
Most tasty takeover targets have been swallowed, so the brewing giants will henceforth have to rely more on organic growth.
Instead, the researchers rely on evidence of geological upheaval to make their case.
Regional papers rely instead on a steady but less lucrative flow of government ads.
Political critics these days rely heavily on the latter.
The current cycle of global warming is changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely upon.
The nocturnal creatures rely on darkness to avoid predation.
Scientists will also rely on the high-resolution data to study changes in land elevation and to map various rock formations.
Previously, scientists monitoring these mountain glaciers had to climb the icy peaks or rely on satellite images.
It's changing the rhythms of climate that all living things have come to rely upon.
Whether you rely on your bike for transportation or exercise, you'll enjoy these ten fun facts on this two-wheeled vehicle.
In contrast, conventional hydropower technologies often rely on the construction of tall dams that flood the area behind them.
These champion sprinters rely on long, muscular legs to propel their lithe bodies.
If you rely on renewable sources such as wind and solar, you may be using less water.
As they became more comfortable with the technology, the subjects began to rely less on such imagery to direct the cursor.
While on the hunt, they rely upon their senses of hearing and smell because their eyesight is weak.
In orbit, you can't rely on gravity to tug wastewater down the pipes of a toilet.
These animals rely on sensitive hairs to feel their way through their underground burrows.
Other nudibranchs rely on enzymes, rather than teeth, to break down prey.
To get these wood-burning benefits, cities can't rely on ordinary furnaces.
Otherwise, patrons rely on a battery of oscillating fans to stir the equatorial air as they hunch over their food.
But several factors worry those who rely on the sea for food and money.
But those processes rely on steam or oxidation to produce the syngas.
That's because the mammals rely heavily on the trunks' sense of smell and touch when seeking out food.
For centuries, breakthroughs in innovation rely on breakthroughs in collecting and measuring data.
We generally rely on courts to decide if a statement is defamatory according to local law.
And candidates running in a wide-open primary will have to rely on a broader base of contributors.
To clear out housing inventory, you'll need to rely on people who have cash to spend.
Many musicians now rely more on live performances for their revenue than their recordings.
If birds rely on the pendulum effect, they are not alone.
On the other hand, if the bank goes bad, investors still have the mortgage collateral to rely on to avoid losses.
Archer plays a cautious and precise game, preferring to rely on position to avoid difficult shots.
They will rely on their covert capabilities and relationships.
People cannot rely only on a high school diploma for anything more than it's an indication of moving on to the next step.
When they had to rely on faxes they only got read by who they were meant for.
Short deadlines encourage them to rely on established knowledge and sensibilities.
So they probably rely on an annual clock instead, set by the hormone melatonin.
That's bad news for penguins, which rely on the ice for hunting, among other things.
Two hundred years ago it was enough to rely on natural advantages to build a great city.
The blood-brain barrier blocks many drugs on which doctors might otherwise rely.
Some squid don't rely on such subtle aerial acrobatics.
To study the oceans, scientists rely on a network of orbiting satellites and surface vessels.
These findings make us realize good storytelling doesn't rely on lingering suspense.
To sense their environment, cells rely on the receptor proteins that stud their surface.
Currently diabetics rely on insulin therapy, which is far from being an ideal treatment and is certainly not a cure.
Researchers thought some freshwater species might rely on sound because of poor visibility.
Whereas guys are more likely to go it alone or to rely on information they'd found online or next to the register.
We rely on our imagination to fill in the gaps our limited perceptions allow.
The newer methods of identification rely heavily on both probability theory and precise measurement.
We rely heavily on space, and space-bourne technology.
However, these fast little guys don't rely on miracles, say scientists.
Green algae may rely on quantum computing to turn sunlight into food.
Snakes rely on external heat to regulate their body temperature, and their size depends directly on the climate where they live.
Endurance athletes rely on slow-twitch muscles, fibrous bundles that guzzle oxygen and fatigue slowly.
Don't let old science that our medical people rely on to stop you from achieving a normal life.
To study how new things evolve, biologists usually have to rely on ancient clues left behind for hundreds of millions of years.
It's certainly not true that pairs always rely on the more accurate member, or that they make the choice randomly.
Many of them have to take tablets to keep their sugar levels down, while others rely on insulin injections.
Enzymes rely on molecular partners called coenzymes to do their job.
It is also a good use for power generation but it would be a mistake to rely on it.
These two methods complement each other and rely on similar logic.
But all of these strategies rely on a decent population of ants to begin with.
They could rely on their own experiences to figure out something was up and ought to be pounding their politicians for solutions.
Their cousins include scorpionflies, which rely on their image-forming eyes to help them scavenge dead insects.
These laws mean that drug companies no longer have to rely on their own research for new drugs, and few of the large ones do.
Both sorts of growth rely on fast-depleting resources and face the ecological backlash of climate change.
The observers who got it right were the ones who could tell a story that didn't rely on the early data.
But these suggestions are unhelpful because a judge must rely on moral conviction even to discover what history teaches.
The credit rating agencies, on which investors normally rely to inform them of such risks, were at best useless.
Half of us rely on friends to help us find new music.
Many oceanic ecosystems rely on water current to maintain temperature, replenish food supplies, and so forth.
The sun-powered machines rely on water's surface tension.
Instead, the new doughnut-shaped silicon detectors rely on measuring light frequency.
Most techniques, however, rely on specialized equipment to focus the ultrasound waves to a tiny point.
Many of today's consumer electronics rely on microscopic machines.
Bone-marrow transplants for leukemia rely on stem cells to replenish blood cells, for instance.
Many people rely on their smart phones to search for things online.
For heavy acceleration and high speed, these vehicles rely on power from both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor.
But when closer to home, the birds seem to rely on familiar landmarks and roads to guide their way.
For the horsepower needed for acceleration or high speeds, the bus will instead rely on advanced battery technology.
Current drive-time predictions on online maps rely on the length of road and the posted speed limit.
These plants rely on relatively rare geologic formations.
Spectrum is a limited resource, and networks must rely on the government to make more of it available.
There are a number of strategies for doing this, including reactions that rely on biological catalysts.
And when natural gas prices shoot up, they let the gas turbines rest and rely on the coal furnaces.
Regular coffee uses the milder arabica variety, while decaf brews rely on the stronger robusta beans.
Eventually it becomes clear that this guy doesn't want to do jokes that rely on ethnicity.
The tests widely used today often rely too much on multiple-choice questions, which encourage guessing rather than thinking.
Because they still rely on trade, the state capitalists are not immune to a global meltdown.
The projected reduction in snow cover will adversely affect winter recreation and the industries that rely upon it.
The longer day can temporarily disrupt all the arrangements that parents rely on to keep kids safe and occupied after school.
Plug-in hybrids can be powered from the mains and only rely on their small gasoline engines when the battery dies.
But questions are going to linger as long as everyone has to rely on that three-hour peek at his tax returns.

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