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Example sentences for reluctantly

Increasingly, if reluctantly, there seems to be a growing awareness that nothing in existence stands alone.
They are only reluctantly responsive, and you often find yourself repeating an unheeded command.
And it's always good to have a cynical cop around, reluctantly helping while being cranky about it.
He was trotted out on all the talk shows and asked to express his views in crisp sound bites, which he did somewhat reluctantly.
He reluctantly stepped in as president of the fledgling firm because no one else would take on the job.
Ike, suspicious of the wily dictator, reluctantly agreed.
Reluctantly, a crocodile is coaxed into the drained lakebed.
But some have arrived, however reluctantly, at a point of acceptance.
He enters the crate reluctantly but doesn't whine or bark once in.
He describes reluctantly attending a football game with his father.
He hemmed and hawed and then, reluctantly, consented.
The authors and the journals set to publish the work reluctantly agreed.
And, however reluctantly, sometimes family members end up on opposite sides in a courtroom.
What was so satisfying about it all was how the editors and reviewers reluctantly got sucked into my world.
Secure communication is an individual right not a reluctantly granted boon.
When his father simply questioned the need for surgery, they reluctantly agreed to wait and make further tests.
Grandma reluctantly agreed, but once they got rolling, she couldn't stop smiling.
These are choices governments make reluctantly and businesses make routinely.
The little personal finance guru who lives in my head reluctantly vetoed the expenditure.
Once there, the convent director reluctantly reveals a shocking piece of history.
When she resists, he reluctantly spills out those three little words.
Most arrivistes reluctantly put up with this arrangement.
She reluctantly complied, but got her own back in other ways, mainly by having blatant affairs.
He did so reluctantly, urging governments to take over the burden.
He went into politics reluctantly, at first unwilling to abandon his career as a small-town lawyer.
Science forms conclusions reluctantly and with caveats.
EU nations reluctantly to streamline legal practices.
The story begins-begins almost reluctantly-with a strange confusion of voices.
They would actively campaign for rejection but let the referendum go through and, however reluctantly, acquiesce in its results.
In each instance, it acted reluctantly, adhering to legal constraints only because it felt that it had no choice.
The judge dropped the citation after the prosecutor reluctantly apologized.
Better still, she reluctantly begins to bond with her uncle.
While the hostess bends forward expectantly to offer her guest a teacake, the visitor seems to accept only reluctantly.
While his sense of humor is an acquired taste, he has been known to cause folks to reluctantly chuckle on occasion.
When they finished the instructor reluctantly let me take the test also.
When the capital was taken, the court fled and the emperor reluctantly ordered that she be strangled.

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