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Example sentences for reluctant

Farmers may be reluctant to cut their sales, and consumers may be unwilling to pay higher milk prices.
Patient is reluctant or unwilling to provide reference information and usually has no regular doctor or health insurance.
Any reluctant reader can be turned on with science books.
Even a century after the trial, the town was reluctant to speak of it.
Poppy cultivation is a tradition in certain families, and a source of income tribesmen are reluctant to give up.
Slung on his back facing the sun was the solar panel for charging the satellite phone-a reluctant concession to our times.
Also, they are inordinately shy and reluctant to respond.
TN was reluctant, but they finally persuaded him to try.
Modern physics dismisses this metaphysics, although philosophers seem reluctant to follow.
People are reluctant to take wind energy seriously in terms of its potential for large-scale use and implementation.
He hasn't been tested in a couple of years, and he's reluctant to get a test now.
Most people view their future selves as complete strangers, which makes them reluctant to put away money for a later date.
But consumers proved strangely reluctant to peer at tiny flickering images, driving dozens of content providers out of business.
Obviously, that makes extra debt service more burdensome--and also makes both bondholders and taxpayers more reluctant.
We recognize this about previous systems but are reluctant to face it in our own.
The economy is still limping, job losses are still rising, and consumers are still reluctant to open their wallets.
And, in times when people are reluctant to take risks, a little inflation can help grease the skids.
Businesses remain reluctant to make new investments.
These are the product and proof of our unique genius, and we're reluctant to share our glory with previous civilizations.
Arbitrators have so far proved reluctant to dismiss teachers for incompetence.
Even when the equity is there, parents are reluctant to further leverage themselves into a future where job security is uncertain.
In some cases, a candidate may be reluctant to allow you free access to any and all people who might have information to share.
Keep a list of their success stories in fund raising and use them as examples when working with others who may be more reluctant.
Or he might have been reluctant to dwell upon so strange and inexplicable an occurrence.
But don't be surprised if people are reluctant to leap into what they perceive as a personal fight in which they have no stake.
For students who are reluctant to speak up, the best thing you can do is give them space free of judgment.
Governments can be reluctant to give up samples that might make them look bad.
Rats are good but reluctant swimmers, so they're motivated to learn.
Her advisers may be reluctant to risk further setbacks by pushing her to do additional performances or interviews.
As a result, companies are not only reluctant to create new jobs, but have fewer job openings to fill from attrition.
But other officials are reluctant to tamper with a peg that they perceive to be working well.
As a result governments are reluctant to cut the deficit too quickly for fear of sending their economies back into recession.
Yet it is a lesson that governments remain decidedly reluctant to learn.
But the authorities are reluctant to announce bad news.
Yet governments are often reluctant to leave migration flows to the labour market.
Belief in efficient-market theory made the authorities reluctant to restrain either the dotcom or the housing and credit bubbles.
If younger bosses are more reluctant to sell, it will cost more to overcome their objections.
Yet some may become reluctant to leave the city at all.
But policymakers elsewhere will be reluctant to spill the red ink again.
But his own officials seem reluctant offer much convincing detail on local government compliance.
Homeowners that are reluctant to default but unable to sell at a loss are left stuck where they are.
Foreigners will be keen to acquire yuan, and reluctant to part with it, for as long as they think it is artificially cheap.
But one boss of a foreign lender says he is reluctant to buy an entire bank.
The machines may also have a role in chivvying along reluctant pupils.
They are reluctant to do anything to jeopardise their prospects.
When firms cannot shed workers easily, they become reluctant to hire them at all, which pushes up unemployment.
In theory, budgetary constraints have forced these measures on reluctant deans.
His successor, surrounded by those who talk easily of transformation and preemption, was not reluctant to gamble on one big thing.
Many people are reluctant to take the risk in this market.
Lenders often are reluctant to lend to new ventures and, if they do, require high interest rates.
All three main parties have been reluctant to say what they plan to cut answers that could lose votes.
The external panel found that some flight surgeons' concerns had been disregarded so often that they were reluctant to speak up.
But today, parents are reluctant to accept a school's authority.
The more divided a society becomes in terms of wealth, the more reluctant the wealthy become to spend money on common needs.
Investors are reluctant to provide capital for battery plants because the markets are still relatively small.
He points out that some people will always be reluctant to upload their location information to a remote server.
They are reluctant to import palm oil because of the adverse ecological impact of the palm plantations.
Many of us are reluctant to revise our self-judgment, especially for the better.
Regardless of how offensive it can often get, the courts are rightly reluctant to let political speech be criminalized.
Once interrupted, patients are often reluctant to go back to their story.
Unfortunately, many prosecutors are reluctant to work with advocacy groups.
Lenders are reluctant to continue with existing credits, much less extend new credits.
Employers often reluctant to hire people with disabilities due to misconceptions.
Organizations are often reluctant to build security into software from the start of the development process.

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