relocation in a sentence

Example sentences for relocation

Apparently, any bias that may have been introduced from the relocation of the sites were overwhelmed by this instrumental bias.
The anatomical relocation improved dexterity by leaving the arms free to move in new ways.
Contemplating relocation seems to rule out new romantic relationship possibilities.
For that bigger picture, the link between relocation and crime patterns is overwhelming, and cities need to address it.
Here's video of winds vs relocation camp, discussion, then see river of flood afterwards.
It will include a stipend, relocation funds, and health benefits.
Then there is the job that would not require relocation but would involve logistical challenges.
Maybe his family situation mandates relocation to your region.
We also had four dwarf arbor vitaes that survived their relocation, and put those in along one corner as a privacy hedge.
He also notices a barrel-shaped relocation trap on rubber wheels awaiting an especially pesky local bear.
People still move for these reasons, but new reasons for human migration are arising, such as job relocation and overpopulation.
Discovering the crocodiles' brilliant navigational skills is bad news because it means that relocation is not working.
All data is updated to reflect road closings, new trails, and campground relocation.
Returning home after relocation is a risky, arduous journey.
The relocation of so much heavy industry is probably to thank.
She even offered up relocation specialists to help them move.
The judge also ruled that the planning panel's decision to allow the relocation was proper.
Nonresidential relocation can be extremely complex and expensive.
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