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Example sentences for relocate

We could move inland off the coasts and help relocate a relatively few tropical islanders to continental higher ground.
Move the furniture away from lingering moisture and relocate it to a dry location with sunlight.
Fire ants may relocate if their nests are repeatedly drenched with boiling or soapy water.
He therefore advocates and implements programs that relocate tribal communities living in wildlife reserves to other regions.
It certainly wasn't impossible to relocate millions of people during the construction process.
The people and businesses who can relocate, will and governments will need to limit growth.
Plenty of educated people from all over the world are willing to relocate.
In the end, what defused the crisis was that there was extra space on the roof, so the installer could relocate the errant panel.
Many people looking to relocate to a new city have the cost of living and the weather on their minds.
There are not enough cities or areas of the country to go around to relocate every struggling small-market team.
He would sit in a room for hours, humming to himself, trying to relocate his pitch.
Relocate a college's server computers next to a solar-power generator.
Faculty must be willing to relocate during the year within the division according to program needs.
It is easier to find a position if you can relocate, but also possible to stay in one location.
Perhaps there aren't many job seekers in my area who are looking to relocate.
They have done over and beyond what a company had to do to relocate employees up here.
Matt's mission is to confront these animals head-on and relocate them.
The bank's solution was to relocate people, an idea that only fanned anger and resentment toward wildlife.
We quickly relocate and see that the crack in the ice is narrow.
Carmakers and retailers are not the only ones to relocate because of the interstates.
The consortium has committed to help relocate the displaced and patch up any damage to the environment.
Training could be done over videoconference and there would be no need to relocate.
Non-tourist businesses caught in the swarm should relocate to duller city outskirts.
Poor slums with high population density were forced to relocate away from the city.
And, for the company, it provides the ability to hire people who would be unwilling or unable to relocate.
Instead, poor families may relocate someplace cheaper and buy more expensive groceries or a used car or whatever.
After such a harrowing scene it was too disconcerting and distracting to have to relocate back to the office for a page.
In desperation, the rescuers decided that they must relocate as many as possible away from the slick.
Perhaps companies and workers will relocate to work places that have better travel congestion rates.
It would be better to relocate the eggs to protected beaches elsewhere.
Private donors are backing the mayor's plan to shutter neighborhoods and relocate residents.
And it has already demonstrated an ability to relocate its headquarters from one country to another.
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