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Example sentences for relive

Deep down lurks the sullen suspicion that this is a drama that the euro zone may be condemned to relive time and again.
It was great to relive it a little through your words and photos.
He is doomed to relive moments of his life over and over again.
As they fume, people repeatedly relive the event in their minds.
The sips are followed by a gift-wrapped box, allowing patrons to relive the joy of opening a present.
It is part of him and the need to understand it and to relive it in imagination can be imperious.
We can relive events that happened long ago or envision ourselves in the future.
On this journey you can relive stirring events that forged our history.
People may feel more fearful or relive past traumatic experiences.
Today, you can relive the era of steam as the engines come back to life.
We can relive great events and everyday life in exquisite detail.
There are a number of ways in which people may relive a trauma.
Art is one of the best ways to relive stress, anxiety, and other issues that can arise in your life.

Famous quotes containing the word relive

When I read a story, I relive the moment from which it sprang. A scene burned itself into me, a building ma... more
Ghosts seem harder to please than we are; it is as though they haunted for haunting's sakeā€”much as we relivemore
I've begun to appreciate the generational patterns that ripple out from our lives like stones dropped in water, pulsing ... more
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