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Example sentences for relish

When ready to eat grill, or sear quail for five minutes on each side, top with relish and serve.
Georgians have been putting this relish-type sauce on everything from biscuits to rice since colonial days.
Others, particularly audiophiles, relish in that isolation.
Relish your success and look back fondly on these days.
It is the work of a true fan-an emotional, biased observer who seems to relish his subjectivity.
Smell the perfume of flowers, taste with relish each morsel, as if tomorrow you could never smell and taste again.
Raised in a large family on a schoolteacher's salary, the writer was taught to garden, and to relish the unexpected.
She at once made herself a salad of it, and ate it with much relish.
We in the media get paid for it, as well as relish it.
Primary voters seem to relish upsetting expectations.
Police relish in dragging peaceful protesters through the streets by their feet.
It's taken on a life of its own and the players and spectators relish this unique environment.
He may not relish another grueling year of campaigning across the country.
They relish their country's growing military clout and economic sophistication.
Whereas a strong currency was once a symbol of national pride, few countries appear to relish the prospect today.
But when peaceful protesters marched for change a few weeks ago he shot them-seemingly with relish.
He may not relish being stuck in a new fight between the president and his generals.
Moving the relish dispensers could mean a crew member in the food preparation area no longer has to make a half turn.
Of course, few people relish the uncertainty inherent to reform.
Their leaders have to contend with the state and affairs of the world, and often relish doing so.
His soothing tones, however, can't disguise a relish for the fray: beneath the silver-fox exterior beats a rabble-rousing heart.
It is with particular relish he tells of his run-ins with power.
Popular toppings include a medium beef gravy, catsup, pickle relish or chutney.
Cattle do not relish this plant and the number of plants is largest on heavily or moderately grazed pastures in our area.
Turnouts allow visitors to relish vistas of glacier-sculpted mountains and glimpse wildlife.
Mushrooms are popping up everywhere, and are eaten with relish by many of the park's squirrels and other rodent species.

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