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Example sentences for relinquish

Sorry you had to relinquish your dog to a rescue group but you shouldn't give up on the idea of getting a rescue dog.
The only reason the dogs respond as they do is because you relinquish your leadership position during that moment.
Well, in the first place you have to be lucky to get a rabbit to relinquish it's foot.
My suggestion is for you to relinquish any reliance on fossil fuels for an entire month.
First it grabbed several bands in its big crusher claw and refused to relinquish them.
Likewise, other molecules are greedy for stray electrons and will relinquish some energy when they get them.
Police sergeants receive from eighteen to twenty-eight chart days, and have so far refused to relinquish any of them.
She has made it plain that she will never relinquish her right to bring them up.
And, they will not agree to relinquish that religious claim.
He may praise readers who defy the authority of a poet, but his language does not relinquish the meaningful authority of a judge.
She has a way of getting whatever she wants-and refusing to relinquish it when others come demanding it of her.
And while you're at it, formally relinquish our party's claim on the majority in the state house.
To secure their support, he promised to relinquish his position as head of the army by the end of the following year.
Gardening is all about control, while gathering requires you to relinquish it.
His refusal to relinquish this second role has been a significant source of popular discontent.
They are not willing to relinquish their past beliefs or their goals for the future.
Governments could help by, say, encouraging broadcasters whose audiences are dwindling to relinquish more of their bandwidth.
The military will not relinquish its grip on its powers or earnings, and at the same time, will not accept new politicians.
But amateurs must be convinced to report their finds, and sometimes to relinquish them to the state.
Unless the military government is willing to relinquish power so easily.
If not enough volunteers relinquish their seats, each airline has a pecking order to determine who enjoys priority seating.
He wouldn't relinquish it despite losing a hole after each of the three he won thereafter.
He did nothing to relinquish that role over the last month.
No homeowners are ever forced to relinquish their property.

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