relieved in a sentence

Example sentences for relieved

If those currently responsible for maintaining it cannot work together they must be relieved of this responsibility.
By this time, they had been relieved of almost all their possessions: books, clothes and money.
Relieved at the change of mood, the audience applauded.
When at last the tag was secure, the technician was so relieved he smooched the animal's broad back.
Their fiery halos relieved the green monotone that by late summer ruled the garden.
The professor in question is clearly responsible for his actions, and should be relieved of his teaching duties.
Freedman presents some compelling anecdotes about patients whose pain was relieved by alternative medicine.
Some volunteers would undoubtedly drop out, relieved to let someone else provide their loved one's new kidney.
Amazingly, the bogus injection relieved the soldier's agony and prevented the onset of shock.
My hosts relax in their chairs, looking immensely relieved.
Storm drains relieved, brick walks relaid, a heritage of dust and wrappers is renounced.
He was greatly relieved when she made her money back.
On the face of it, shareholders ought to be relieved.
The government will be relieved if delegates keep debate to a minimum.
Everyone is relieved that they are floating level when all of a sudden they get pulled down in a rush to the bottom.
If not, retry the procedure until blood comes out and pressure is relieved.
The pain will be relieved as the pressure is released.
But this shift from sunlight to shadow, from bright to dark, becomes monotonous unless relieved by other artistic movements.
But his parents said the family was tremendously relieved that he was not being sent to prison.
And she sounds a bit relieved to be done with the national campaign.
When he developed a sore throat, his doctors were relieved to find no evidence of bacterial infection.
The obvious reason is that doctors there were relieved of the constraint of the law.
The bill's opponents were relieved it was put on hold.
We next consider whether you are completely relieved from duty during your meal period.
The employee must be completely relieved from duty for the purpose of eating regular meals.
His attorney on appeal has moved to be relieved as counsel on grounds that the appeal is wholly without merit.

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