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The secretary, for instance, cannot relieve himself from the responsibility of his office by resigning.
On the upside, though, caffeine can help relieve headaches.
But the fact remains that the best way to relieve the debt situation is clearly to spend less.
The powdered flower heads were once used in cigarettes to relieve asthma, but can be mildly toxic to humans.
Becoming aware of your sleeping self could relieve anxiety or tap the creative unconscious.
Your dog needs a spot to relieve himself, but it doesn't have to be your lawn or flower bed.
Aa new highway opens later this week, promising to relieve traffic congestion and move freight.
There are drugs that can help relieve motion sickness if taken about half an hour before traveling.
Consciously reminding yourself to blink at intervals during the day will help relieve dry eyes.
She added that many sunbathers consider tanning a good way to relieve stress.
Why the instinct to clutch a wounded part of the body helps to relieve discomfort.
Instead, try eliminating one at a time to see if that helps relieve your symptoms.
Debt forgiveness, even if it came, wouldn't relieve the misery of finding out that these were hollow promises.
Extra railway capacity is also planned, to relieve the overcrowding on commuter lines.
One of the only ways to relieve this pain is by dipping the infected area in the local water source.
Time in the simulator doesn't relieve the stir-craziness.
However, lifestyle changes and some treatments can often help relieve symptoms.
Psychologists will then encourage members of one group to talk and think about how forgiveness could help relieve lingering anger.
It is making preparations to drill another well nearby and thereby relieve pressure on the one that is leaking.
Injections of botulinum toxin can relieve dystonia for some, but the effect lasts only a couple of months.
Two ceiling fans do little to relieve the stifling summer heat.
More executives on the road are taking advantage of spas to help relieve stress.
He had to shower and relieve himself within view of the camera.
And there are various government schemes to relieve pressures on less fortunate borrowers.
The former is asking for permission, while the latter is asking whether or not it is possible at all for one to relieve oneself.
It could relieve strain on the worldwide food supply, potentially driving down prices.
Tricyclic antidepressants relieve pain in up to two-thirds of patients.
Putting more courses online is another alterative to help relieve the burden of over-enrollment and lack of facility space.
His departure will relieve many of his colleagues, but leaves the government more boring.
The soothing soaps are said to relieve various types of skin ailments from dry skin to eczema.
It won't completely relieve you of vacuuming duties, though.
We gathered wild blueberries, wild juneberries, and found evidence that bears do relieve themselves in the woods.
Decongestant pills may be used by patients to relieve symptoms.
Spontaneous humor can relieve tension and be helpful to you, but you're not auditioning to star at a comedy club.
Aid to poor countries has largely failed to spur growth or relieve poverty.
Comfort engineered, contoured tongue with center loaded foam package to relieve lace pressure.
Several other subway investments are on the way in order to relieve the traffic on the surface.
Exercise can help reduce fatigue and relieve muscle spasticity.
Proponents of plantations also claim that their products relieve pressure on primary forests.
If you want to relieve yourself of debt, the first thing to do is pay down debt.
Cutting them off should relieve addicts of the intense urge to get high.
The goal of treatment is to relieve pain and prevent or treat infection.
Emigration could relieve some of the pressure that's sure to slam down in the decades ahead.
He did this because if he didn't relieve the tension at acceptable places, the audience might laugh at inappropriate times.
But no matter how tight it gets, a light squeeze on the rear handle will pop it open and relieve the pressure.
Scientists recently confirmed the age-old notion that hot liquids can relieve some cold and flu symptoms.
Over-the-counter pain medications may help relieve discomfort.
In this way, farming might one day relieve the pressure on wild fisheries.
If a dog starts dragging its feet, that's a pretty good indication that it has to relieve itself.
He was using it to relieve the stomach pain caused by an ulcer, but went way overboard with the home remedy.
The tobacco was chewed to relieve fatigue and to help conjure visions.
Planned diversions could help relieve the threat of floods an help drought struck areas.
The cold temperatures of moisturizers and cold compresses should relieve some of the pain and discomfort.
Our main problem with him is that he asks to go outside and then he does not relieve himself.
It is true that drilling can relieve stress on the tectonic plates and allow for shifting.
Eye exercises are useful for some problems, but they do not seem to relieve myopia or dyslexia.
We look to painting, to the novel, to the movies and to the theater to relieve that deprivation.
Forgiveness is a powerful antidote and may relieve her suffering.
If the surgery works, these wires will continually stimulate my brain in an attempt to relieve my symptoms.
Relieve your lumbar with this snug-fitting frame pack.
Putting mineral oil down a tube to relieve an impaction colic has been around a long time.
Yet in many cases public transport does little or nothing to relieve congestion.
Use the overlap to relieve for lunch breaks and also use for team meetings.
Reducing the number of guns available to crazy people will neither relieve them of their insanity nor stop them from killing.
To relieve the boredom, you can throw rocks at other people in line.
But that doesn't relieve society of the obligation to make the roads as safe as possible.
He describes the relief he felt when he thought that killing himself would relieve his difficulties.
She knew to cry out when she felt the need to relieve herself, and had learned not to refuse food or medicine.
There are ways to relieve this pressure if you're the instructor, and in fact doing so is part of your job.
Omanis dab a drop on a forehead to relieve a headache, or even drink the floral liquid to cure a stomachache.
Allowing the dog to relieve it's self and marking it's territory on every tree, post or what ever are two different things.
Theres a big difference between letting the dog relieve himself and letting him mark every tree you walk by.
She walks, exercises, runs and plays every day however she will come inside the house and relieve herself.
To relieve the dysphoria, they went home a lot on weekends.
And the results in higher ratings doubtless relieve any sense of tackiness at the process.
Indeed, politicians of both parties regularly seek to keep public-employee costs down to relieve pressure on budgets and taxes.
Thus a process has been set moving which may relieve in the end the deflationary pressure.
But it is possible to correct some falsities and relieve some perplexities regarding essential facts.
Consolidating neighborhoods would provide an opportunity to relieve congestion and encourage variety in kinds of housing.
The huge potential benefits include increased productivity of arable land, which could relieve pressure on forests.
And they also promise to relieve the psychological burdens of commuting by car.
Those pilots could then take advantage of the now underused network of small airports and relieve strain on the big hubs.
And they want to tell the world how best to prevent it and, if that fails, to relieve it.
Suppose that the best way to relieve that burden is by sharing the risk through universal social insurance.
But this will in no way relieve you of the need for other people.
Weinberger's ostensible goal was to relieve congestion by removing what he identified as obstructing polyps and mucus.
Eventually, though, it was time to relieve the babysitter.
Putting warmth on the ear may help relieve discomfort.
Medicines are not the only way to relieve a stuffy or runny nose.
Hot or cold showers or baths may relieve a headache for some people.
Your health care provider may prescribe birth control pills to relieve menstrual pain.
Radiation therapy may be done to relieve bone pain or treat a bone tumor.
Anti-inflammatory medications may help relieve pain and swelling.
With mobile banking on the rise, it follows that companies will try to relieve savers of their cash through the same channels.
But that does not relieve governments of the obligation to get good value for money.
He had a command of pathos also, but he never paraded it, allowing it rather to relieve and to soften.
First relieve the needy, then if need be question them.
Because excess acetylcholine has been linked to major depression, blocking these signals might relieve the condition.
So scratching seems to relieve the unpleasant feelings that accompany, well, itching.
All-inclusive tour and vacation packages can relieve some of this indecision.
Ads for agencies that promise to help relieve your debt woes are cropping up everywhere.
Half of the participants were asked to shade in shapes on a piece of paper while they listened to relieve the boredom.
In rare cases when the patient's vision is at risk, the optic-nerve sheath is cut open to relieve pressure and preserve sight.
Boldo leaves are still used today to cure stomach ills and relieve colds and congestion.
Morphine, for example, is a drug that has the power to relieve pain but can actually cause itching.
The ceramic has no other way to relieve the stress than to shatter into tiny bits.
Practical information to help people with cancer prevent or relieve diarrhea and feel better during chemotherapy.
As contractions surged through her body, she could not move or change position to relieve the pain.

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