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But watchdog groups say that the system's reliance on self-reporting means its data are fundamentally flawed.
Others reinvented self-portraiture by removing the traditional reliance on physiognomy all together.
Increased reliance on automobiles means more pollution, more traffic, more use of fossil fuels.
Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk.
But the critique, unfortunately, seems to be fueled by reliance on common misperceptions.
Its reliance on online retailers makes it less suited to less web-savvy emerging markets.
Your comments almost sound reasonable, but for your continual reliance on demeaning personal remarks.
There was way too much reliance on illustrations of things instead of photographs.
With gasoline prices high again, universities are looking for ways to reduce their long-term reliance on the fuel.
Less nuclear means more reliance on coal, oil and gas.
You've ditched your environmentally indefensible reliance on disposable water bottles, but your lunch bags aren't much better.
Let us not reduce reliance on coal-fired generation by falling into the arms of the nuclear power complex.
Hence the heavy reliance on algorithm, optical and radio technology.
Over all, students show reliance on multiple sources to pay for college, according to the report.
Salaries below other professional standards, but especially, the radical reliance on precarious employment we've all observed.
Biological controls for termites include reliance on their natural predators.
But grain farmers have found their reliance on fossil fuels can turn costly when oil prices spike.
My suggestion is for you to relinquish any reliance on fossil fuels for an entire month.
For many students, however, too much reliance on others may be the problem.
Large coal reserves and plans to build power stations could lessen reliance on diamonds.
In part, you're advocating a return to local reliance.
Complete reliance on computer models to predict climate change wouldn't be prudent.
Reliance on food crops for fuel poses problems for populations around the world that rely on basic staple foods such as corn.
But my fear is that a certain monotony will come out of our reliance on merchandise.
Some aspects of suburban life-notably long-distance commuting and heavy reliance on fossil fuels-will have to change.
Our reliance on the physician is a kind of despair of ourselves.
The consequences of eating meat, and our increasing reliance on factory farms, are almost as disturbing for human health.
Even if they support its message, they might want more self-reliance and responsibility from its members.
It got me thinking about my reliance on unified scenes in my personal and academic lives.
One is the diminishment of tenure itself, while the other is the increasing reliance on adjunct or other part-time instructors.
And building these lines is seen as preferable to further expanding reliance on imported oil for automobiles and airplanes.
Wright's reliance on game theory and evolutionary psychology is troubling for another reason.
Our reliance on psychoactive drugs, seemingly for all of life's discontents, tends to close off other options.
In fact, our reliance on tools is reflected in our brains and bodies.
The result was an inescapable launch configuration and a reliance on the ship's design abrogating the need for an escape system.
The third hurdle will be convincing private pilots, who pride themselves on self-reliance, to buy and install the system.
It's a bigger shift in the east, where there's been more reliance on coal-fired capacity.
However due to our lifestyles and reliance on agriculture etc, humanity is likely to be greatly affected.
Our reliance on computers is noteworthy, but should not be mistaken for reality.
Reliance on self-interest is, in my opinion, the problem with a religious basis for morality.
The increase in reliance on e-mail isn't as great as it would be otherwise.
Over-reliance on technology combined with personal overconfidence can be a deadly mix.
What turned those bad investments into catastrophe was the financial system's excessive reliance on short-term money.
Each society has to decide for itself the appropriate balance between unconditional welfare and self-reliance.
Countries with free-falling currencies, burst housing bubbles and a heavy reliance on finance and trade will also suffer.
The fatal weakness of the old model was its reliance on rapid credit growth.
Emerging economies are having to rethink their reliance on exports for growth.
There is, however, a danger inherent in all this government activity: the temptation of self-reliance.
Faith used to drive a lot of voluntarism, civic engagement and self-reliance.
The only long-term solution to this connected set of problems is to reduce the world's reliance on oil.
The reliance on credit reports in hiring is becoming widespread.

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