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Fin-soup demand is driving millions of shark deaths, according to what researchers say are the first reliable estimates.
Found in cool, coastal waters throughout the world, there is no reliable data on the great white's population.
Winter may be a more reliable period for sightseeing.
Our fish farm supplies a new, reliable revenue source that will ultimately pay for the full-time groundskeeper we've hired.
Adding renewable energy to the grid and making it more reliable means adding new transmission lines.
Despite her reputed powers of seduction, there is no reliable depiction of her face.
My skin, which seemed so reliable, has been deceiving me my entire life.
When this happens, animals gather around reliable, permanent water sources.
If your measures are not reliable, it doesn't matter how good and advanced your models and tests are.
It covers some topics that are difficult to find in other reference works, and can point students to good, reliable sources.
Once they filtered out the less-reliable statistics, mortality deceleration went away or became negligible.
These services are free and reliable, and there's no reason why you shouldn't be satisfied with them.
There are a number of statistics that can be calculated to determine if the coders are reliable.
Faculty peer evaluations have been shown to be even less reliable.
And hearing a live band working in tight unison with a good singer is a reliable pleasure.
In interviews with current and former officials, there were repeated complaints about the paucity of reliable information.
Yet there is little reliable information about where artists live and how they are contributing to the national economy.
Yet the industry is struggling to turn all these economic and environmental benefits into reliable revenues.
To settle down in one place requires a reliable food supply, so the discovery of granaries is no surprise.
They want to be seen as established, reliable businesses.
The return on these investments from the sale of electricity, though relatively reliable, is unlikely to reach double digits.
Reliable sources of energy are inadequate to meet future demand.
Without a reliable gauge of inflation, lending is almost impossible, even for the medium term.
It is too soon to make reliable forecasts about the election.
There have been some notable casualties suffered by some usually reliable performers.
Unfortunately, reliable data that tracks their net employment performance is scarce.
Part of the problem is that there is still no reliable search engine for discovering outstanding apps.
Few healthy cells make these enzymes, so they are a reliable marker of tumours.
Animal testing is expensive and can be of dubious value, and scientists would prefer cheaper and more reliable alternatives.
Those snap judgments are about as reliable as the credit rating on a mortgage-backed security.
The new strategy seeks to replace this with a virtuous circle, buying more specialised spacecraft on a reliable schedule.
Manufacturers could thus relax their standards and produce chips that were cheaper than, but as reliable as, their predecessors.
Without cheap, reliable power, businesses may move abroad.
On other issues, however, she is not always a reliable witness.
Among other things, it shows that cars with few defects when new tend to remain reliable as they age.
As a judge she's found surer footing and is often the only reliable dispenser of sound musical advice on the panel.
With more patients having to choose a doctor from a health plan's list, there is growing demand for reliable information.
But researchers using more reliable methods of gene prediction have started saying the number could be double that.
The first is whether reliable evidence can be obtained.
There isn't really any reliable data on the effects on human as you move up the decibel range.
One cheap, reliable way to replicate the texture is by using semi- solidified plant oils.
For one thing, the sensors would provide military docs an array of reliable info about the health of every single soldier.
The none-too-reliable-looking elevator is encircled by a crumbling staircase.
She broke it down for us, explained the regions, and her meticulous recipes are so reliable.
But no reliable national data exist to provide a complete picture of the crisis.
He had reason to take for granted the reliable decorum of my first priestly performance.
He's worth owning, but is no longer the reliable fantasy stud he once was after last year's knee surgery.
He isn't being shut down, but fantasy owners need to find a more reliable option for the final few games of the season.
Stronger and more reliable spacecraft, including ways to rid the shuttle of the troublesome fragile tiles.
But that's been largely thanks to a lack of long-term, reliable temperature records.
The result would be much more reliable transmissions--and maybe lower communications costs in the future.
First off, putting quotes around something doesn't make it a reliable source.
But reliable data on how much water the glaciers release or where that water goes have been difficult to develop.
Either the temperature record is reliable or it is not.
Both of these links contain current, technically reliable information.
And you have no reliable data to support your great fears.
Incandescent bulbs are dirt cheap to make, reliable and produce natural lighting.
Is not really made a serious protocol and findings are anything but reliable.
And the need for reliable sources of energy becomes more evident with every geopolitical tremor.
Micro nukes are more reliable than wind power, cheaper than solar, and much easier to operate than conventional nuclear plants.
It will be a few years before the data and computer models are solid enough for reliable predictive routing.
And the problem is that there is no reliable protocol either to diagnose during the asymptomatic phase.
The results are reliable, repeatable, and checkable.
Solving that would admit more, and more reliable and accepted, testing.
Eventually we'll get good enough at it that it'll become as cheap and reliable as everyone is hoping.
The tail feather end shape is only reliable when the feathers are new.
The first is a true statement, but because the reliable record is so short, not a particularly significant one.
Fear was part of the program, the psychological response to threat inflation that delivered reliable votes.
For a time, economists treated this correlation as if it were a reliable and stable relationship.
In addition, other packages of debt obligations based on consumer debt or equipment purchases were looking less reliable.
Nor is there a reliable count of its members, simply because there's no formal way for adherents to sign up.
The public is indoctrinated to believe that skills are valuable and reliable only if they are the result of formal schooling.
Genetically engineered pigs could provide a safe and reliable source of donor organs.
The new system could prove both cheaper and more reliable, the researchers say.
Highly reliable and precise, these next-wave detectors are cheap to produce and easy to train.
Building intelligence into the power grid would make electricity cheaper and more reliable.
The best lab-scale printing methods so far can only deliver reliable transistors in the tens of micrometers, he says.
The challenges ahead are reliable fabrication and/or error tolerant circuits, and getting good quality signals.
May as well add a keyboard to the inside of the cover too, to not take up screen space, plus it can be more reliable for typing.
Software developers have become adept at the difficult art of building reasonably reliable systems out of unreliable parts.
It will work better, be more reliable, and have a bigger impact on the world.
Translation: movies in the more reliable genres of animation, horror and rom-com are tanking.
The only problem is that they're not always as reliable.
But looking at managers' careers, it seems a reliable tool that takes the bias out of the equation.
Look for reliable information before you make any financial decisions.
Amid all the craziness, a scene made up of complete flakes, he was the reliable one.
Other costs containing measures are the use of technology towards creating a more reliable payment cycle.

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