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In my book archaeologists are way under-rated in terms of their importance and relevance to modern life.
The trouble was that no one could agree on what it was or its relevance to the evolution of other animals.
The three courses below are usually required of biology majors and have plenty of relevance to modern medicine.
In the modern world witchcraft can seem outdated, a taboo practice with little relevance in a society of science.
The project also has broad relevance to the sciences.
Its relevance to this discussion struck me as not having changed much-and as being even more relevant today.
The only concomitant weakness of relevance to this discussion is the lack of transparency.
As our examples suggest, community-based education can put learning into context and increase the relevance of higher education.
There are serious problems in academia today, with the university floundering for workplace relevance.
There are no bogus geopolitics weighing it down with a spurious relevance.
The cancer-stem-cell theory, though plausible, was based on animal experiments and its relevance to humans was untested.
Such trends may not have any relevance to the malaria parasites that infect humans.
It also has good links with industry with a commitment to pragmatic business-relevance research and in-company training.
The arguments and the findings are of much wider relevance, and of pressing importance too.
Naturalists understood the relevance of these features to whale evolution long ago.
The second caveat concerns the relevance of the mental improvement.
Presentations largely stand or fall on the quality, relevance, and integrity of the content.
It was forgettable but better than the alternative as he grinds his way back into relevance.
Most of us remember only those details that have or had a relevance to our own way of living.
Winning entries were selected based on subject relevance, content and writing.
The cause of violence is of less relevance without the means.
Because it had an enormous medical relevance and importance.
The reasoning behind them is often transparently evident but their relevance is vague.
Another difficult task will be deciphering their biological relevance.
Which has special relevance to the climate change dogma.
The impossibility of knowing everything in a persons head, the severity and relevance.
The team found nothing of particular statistical relevance, so they made no claims of new discoveries.
The importance of context-relevance is ignored here.
Further it is completely legitimate to value expertise in a field of relevance.
People have an ingrained need to have meaning and relevance.
Also your plans for retrofitting existing buildings only have relevance for the existing industrialised world.
Once again, the awards show blended unbearable pomp with a bid for relevance.
Search results are displayed in order of relevance to the search terms you entered.
We republish it today because of its renewed relevance.
The medical inferences one makes are generally weak to non-existent in effect and relevance.
As you can see the genetic relevance of relatedness really drops off rapidly in a conventionally outbred population.
When you do you averages and ignore the high and low, you lose vast amounts of relevance.
Its relevance spreads far beyond journalism and touches writers of any genre.
The relevance of these results to the origins of life is debatable, but there's no denying their influence.
Finally, these sorts of biological studies with medical relevance are clearly important in the era of universal health care.
Regardless of the wider relevance, this is still a fascinating piece of animal behaviour.
These results will not remain isolated findings with only parochial relevance.
Except for the self-pay patient charges have no relevance to anything.
What has been happening in the energy sector is of far more relevance to understanding our present economic condition.
Beyond fashion, his attainments have a continuing relevance.
They were committed to the belief that what they were saying was of immediate relevance and entirely new.
Any arbitrary legal constriction of that relevance is irrational, cruel, and barbaric.
As if to compensate, eight color photographs of ballets and ballet designs of little or no relevance to the text are inserted.
In parts of the world, religion struggles for relevance.

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