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Changing that context begins with making sure a dog is relaxed before going to the groomers.
It sure will make me de-stress and feel more relaxed.
Relaxed and open and at the same time taut with the intention to appear relaxed and open, it's an actor's smile, a mask.
After more than seven years of trial and error, it is time to examine the outcomes of those relaxed initial eligibility standards.
No surprise, drunk animals were more relaxed and had less anxiety, and had trouble learning to avoid possible danger.
See how this remodel turned a dark home into an airy platform for relaxed living more.
But the official restrictions have been repeatedly relaxed over the past decade at war.
The best outfit for you will make you feel comfortable, appropriate, and relaxed.
These would have to be relaxed when the directive comes into effect.
They can be sophisticated or playful, tailored or relaxed.
But once they made the adjustment, they were likely to find themselves more relaxed.
Using these phrases with a relaxed body is likely to be more successful than an over-hyped one.
The drive across the island to our hotel was relaxed and easy.
Failure to create a relaxed teaching atmosphere can indeed be held against an instructor.
If he's aware of a photographer, a big dominant bear will have his mouth open, looking pretty relaxed.
The anesthetics relaxed the molecules, making them expand in size.
Although this wariness was also contrasted with some slouches and shrugs, no one fully relaxed.
He is relaxed about the leak, seeing it as an opportunity to discuss scientific process with the public.
He says his relaxed approach isn't faked-it's a result of the way he prepares.
Cats relaxed when dosed, and nervous old folk became tranquil, with no side effects.
Relaxed atmosphere, cash only, reservations essential.
It creates enormous stress on the body, especially the spine, and blocks its relaxed natural functioning.
Relaxed feel, popular with locals and ex-pats alike.
Afterwards the molecule relaxed to its original position.
Despite its more relaxed regulations, the county has a lower-than-average population growth rate.
The city streets have a more relaxed feel then, and traffic noticeably clears.
Other participants performed similar tasks at a relaxed speed.
Then she relaxed and turned her focus to being weighed, in exchange for a bit of raw meat.
It doesn't have to be awkward and if you feel relaxed and good about your decision, it won't be.
In the cafés that stayed open, and there were plenty, it was easy to find a peaceful table with a relaxed waiter.
One reason stems from the easy and straightforward style of the prose, along with the relaxed approach to stylistic matters.
It will be that much easier to grow and distribute once the regulation are relaxed.
The rest of the year there is more authentic, relaxed tourism that local people definitely prefer.
But there is also the fact that if you are wise with money early on you can be a bit more relaxed later.
The report showed how in a number of cases export bans were relaxed in order to facilitate export.
Pandas are often seen eating in a relaxed sitting posture, with their hind legs stretched out before them.
He sits in a relaxed position, forearm on knee, elongated hand dangling.
It lets you spend quality time with friends and family members, so you can return to your daily life refreshed and relaxed.
The interior design of branches was altered from state-era stodginess to a more relaxed free-market style.
During pregnancy the pelvic joints and ligaments are relaxed, and capable therefore of more extensive movements.
As has been said, proper service in properly run houses is never relaxed, whether dinner is for eighteen or for two alone.
There are times to be relaxed--you all know this from work--and there are times to pay attention.
It's really helped me balance my technical writing with a more relaxed, descriptive style.
Somehow the community-college environment, with its intense focus on teaching, seems a little more relaxed.
Over the last five years, my students have seemed to be a bit more relaxed, a bit more willing to take risks and speak openly.
But, in a second surprise, bitter compounds relaxed and opened airways better than any existing asthma drug.
In the cafés that stayed open, and there were plenty, it was easy to find a peaceful table with a relaxed waiter.
Regardless, it feels great and you leave all relaxed.
If he relaxed any of his conditions, the rats could tell.
He talks quickly but eloquently, at once relaxed and in deep concentration.
As in life, her body was prone and immobile, her legs and antennae relaxed.
She looked relaxed as she lectured me on her favorite subject-politics.
He was feeling relaxed and expansive, it seemed, and was willing to talk.
She relaxed and stretched in a yawn, hitting a rafter of cork.
He appeared to be in an unusually relaxed, even bouncy mood.
However, in other aspects of life the state has relaxed its control.
He looked vigorous yet relaxed, and a long way from seventy-five.
Yet on one occasion he relaxed his usual discipline.
Because there was little other traffic at the airport, communications with the control tower were noticeably relaxed.
But, of course, such a relaxed and decorative concept of poetry could not long survive the turn of the last century.
As celebrity was visited upon him, his political animus relaxed.
Animals who feel secure and happy are dopey and relaxed.
She looks cool and relaxed as she prepares to go on-air.
When he's relaxed and unguarded, as unguarded as he ever gets, he's ribald and funny.
They might feel relaxed or at peace after exercising, but only occasionally did they feel euphoric.
He appeared relaxed and comfortable as he addressed his ministers and reviewed government housing and railway projects.
But other people did not feel nearly so relaxed about what had occurred.
Limits on foreign stakes in fund management and stockbroking will be relaxed.
One way to help overcome these problems would be to persuade people to accept relaxed safety standards.
Over the past few years many cities have, in response to public pressure, relaxed ordinances against the birds.
But that does not mean that it is more relaxed about migrants.
Tight restrictions on bank lending over the past year have now been relaxed.
She has been spotted several times now wearing the relaxed casual style she stands for.
It is a relaxed and casual cafe and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Relaxed people have shown to be less susceptible to sickness than their more tense counterparts.
He appeared relaxed as he smiled and chatted with his cadre of six attorneys.
Concertgoers praised the proximity between stages, relaxed environment and uncluttered room.
In the week ahead, people may mistakenly think that your relaxed appearance means you aren't alert.
Enjoy relaxed family conversation, beautiful views and tasty food en route to your destination.
He seems more confident, more relaxed with the media and less defensive.
Stretched rubber is more organized, in terms of its molecular packing, than relaxed rubber.
He says a relaxed way of playing can minimize the physical demands placed on muscles.
With the right music, he says, patients can be more relaxed in the operating room.
Mao seemed relaxed, talking to his guests and laughing often.

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