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Relativism about morality has come to play an increasingly important role in contemporary culture.
In other words, he is decadent, and his relativism does undermine the future of literary studies.
None of these horrors can be excused in the name of cultural relativism.
With simple puzzles, experimental philosophy can tell if you view the world as an absolutist or lean toward relativism.
We're the products of nearly a half-century of scientific truthfulness, media skepticism, and postmodern relativism.
And even mild relativism seems troubling in contrast.
Literary studies, they feared, was turning into a mush of relativism.
The line you quoted above is opposite of relativism.
But the fatal objection to any radical relativism or subjectivism is that it can't even be coherently stated.
True, it allows for others to have a different morality, but that would only make it moral relativism.
Wood goes on to trace the failings of postmodernism and relativism for preparing our kids for science and math.
Both were out on a limb, ferociously challenging the slovenly relativism of everyone else.
It's that simple for someone not brainwashed by moral relativism.
But he's not the only one to indulge in this sort of relativism or these sorts of situational ethics.
Your own examples aren't even examples of relativism.
Their relativism indicates that they are somehow not in the right.
Some argue against moral relativism, but this is an area where the morality is all about relativism.
We have, largely, repudiated objective morality in favour of relativism where everything is good in the eye of the doer.
What is needed is the rebirth of philosophy that goes beyond absolutes and relativism.
Cultural relativism does rule here but there is a great case to be made for biological relativism as well.
He overcomes relativism by discovering moral development as the aim of all education.
We reject the bland relativism of the militant secularists.
And then pure relativism, no chance of a straight answer.
To me the question is not able to be answered because it is a question of moral relativism.
It is opposed to relativism, which claims that there is not an unique truth.
Moral relativism is a poor argument, and here is why.

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