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The invitations were by word of mouth to neighbors and personal notes to the groom's relatives at a distance.
They are close relatives that diverged millions of years ago.
However, some of my relatives and friends were quite boring and often gave me too much information.
But being able to compare our genome with that of our evolutionary relatives could highlight key turning points in our evolution.
Part of the answer comes from looking at our ape relatives, who have a highly developed sense of trade and exchange.
He attributed this to performing his funny cowboy dance for friends, relatives, and people waiting for buses.
They sometimes lived in unheated rooms, kept a boarding house, or camped with relatives.
Textbooks have less to do with trade paperbacks than distant relatives in the same family.
Some get financial infusions from more fortunate relatives living elsewhere.
He can fly home regularly to visit relatives or invest his earnings in a new business.
One instance where it might make sense is among relatives.
It occurs, so far as is known, only in human beings and perhaps their closest relatives among the higher apes.
Visiting relatives have placed small altars by the holes.
The only capital available to them is their own savings, bank and small business loans and what they can borrow from relatives.
And there were reports that some relatives of the president were leaving the country for their own safety.
It turns out to be one of the closest relatives to animals.
And the concentration of so many relatives in one place has given his family an instant net of support.
But order is what many relatives and emergency workers seek.
They showed distinctive features found only in living crocodiles and alligators, as well as their extinct relatives.
Often, the father or other remaining relatives cannot take care of newborns.
For instance, they might ask if a particular human gene is shared with chimpanzees, our closest animal relatives.
But unlike its relatives, the newfound bird has no white coloring across its eyes and sings a higher-pitched, more lilting song.
Long-distance calls let elephants know where their relatives are.
Another clue comes from the predatory habits of the closest living relatives of terror birds-seriema.
Only recently has interest renewed in preserving these wild camelids and their domesticated relatives.
Few of our closest relatives, the great apes, cooperate with each other as extensively as meerkats.
Chimps, genetically humans' closest relatives, live in family units and often use tools.
Despite their name, these rare primates have far more in common with their monkey relatives than any feline.
Queen angels are close relatives of the equally striking blue angelfish.
Physically, this animal resembles a large, red fox more than its wolf relatives.
Western lowland gorillas are endangered, but they remain far more common than their relatives, the mountain gorillas.
Meanwhile, many of the relatives are off flying over the mountains in sleek white gliders.
Friends and relatives, obviously, don't really have the option of not making kind inquiries.
Compared with more free-ranging louse relatives, the body louse has a much more limited range-both biologically and genetically.
Altruism is not limited to relatives and is much more common than violence.
Indeed, paleontologists have long puzzled over how turtles acquired their odd traits and who their closest relatives are.
Four of the herbal mixes contained relatives of parsley.
Either way, offer the relatives a cup of holiday cheer.
We behave significantly differently from our closest genetic relatives.
Subatomic particles of matter-protons, neutrons and electrons all have antimatter relatives and so does gravity.
In fact, personality resemblances between biological relatives are due almost entirely to heredity, rather than environment.
Perhaps, neutrinos are gravitons, or perhaps neutrinos are relatives of gravitons.
Acts of apparent altruism to non-relatives can also be explained away, in what has become a cottage industry within biology.
But it did not say anything about telling relatives about the fate of a deceased.
One way of looking at these questions is to compare people with their closest relatives, great apes such as chimpanzees.
She and her family were forced to go and stay with relatives.
Most migrants move for economic reasons, many in search of jobs, some to be united with relatives.
Others have been flying in from abroad with suitcases literally stuffed with the stuff, or asking friends and relatives to do so.
Their friends or relatives took shelter from the scorching sun in a nearby building, hoping for news.
Relatives frantically tried to find family members who were missing.
There should be no further punishment, and no denial of access for relatives or for any well-wishers requested by the jailed.
We heard many similar accounts from former prisoners and the relatives of current ones.
None should be imposed, either by the pressure of doctors or relatives or by the fiat of government, on people who reject it.
Chimpanzees are close relatives to humans, but they're not identical to us.
Most animals, including our great-ape relatives, tend to make the same patterns of sound repeatedly.
Dresser says that by working with domesticated species and their relatives now, she can expand the reach of the program later.
There's no doubt that our minds allow us to do things that even our great ape relatives cannot.
In the game, players pick out pictures of friends and relatives and are asked questions about them.
These connections were weaker among both the drug users and their relatives, compared to the healthy unrelated volunteers.
The two species in question are not each other's closest relatives.
And some dinosaurs made meals of their flighty relatives.
And it could be used only on people who had living relatives who were both sick and healthy so that the marker could be traced.
Let's look inside the intestines of our closest relatives, the great apes.
Now sometimes those crazy relatives turn out to be right.
Relatives say he made the same swim last year, for reasons that are still murky, but was turned away.
Their friends or relatives took shelter from the scorching sun in a nearby building, hoping for news.
Relatives say the nine-year-old liked to play, skate and tutor younger students.
You're a little nervous about the relatives' reaction.

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