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Hayden and his family handled this storm of ambiguity with relative grace.
Known throughout the tropics, this relative of the fig tree bears large fruit rich in carbohydrates, fiber and minerals.
Wave breaking causes an increase in water level over the bars relative to the channel level.
Many feathered dinosaurs did not have wings or were too heavy, relative to the length of their feathered limbs, to fly.
Some lineages will rapidly and drastically change, and others will remain in relative stasis over millions and millions of years.
Also the definition of simultaneity can be given relative to the train in exactly the same way as with respect to the embankment.
The two adductors vary in their relative extent and in the closeness of their connection.
The relative lengths, also, of the two common iliac arteries vary.
Charters' tabulations show scarcely any difference in the character and relative rank of the errors discovered.
If a relative announces his engagement, you must at once go to see his fiancée.
What makes it such a treasure is its relative inaccessibility.
For example, they may want to talk about a relative who died, including details about the mummification and burial processes.
Separating your subject from its background by a large relative factor is a powerful way to control depth of field.
Chimpanzees are key to learning about human evolution, because the chimpanzee is the closest living relative of humans.
In sum, there's a lot of inventory out there relative to demand.
The only way to do that is to get prices down so that relative wages are higher.
Once, if you wanted to borrow money, you had either to visit a bank or to tap a rich friend or relative.
Growing prosperity, falling transport costs relative to wages and lower risk all pushed in the same direction.
Relative poverty is higher than in many rich countries.
The only way is to reduce costs, relative to countries inside and outside the currency area.
Money must be based on the relative value of the economy backing the currency.
The point about positional goods-and of fashion and brands in general-is their relative attractiveness.
Because of their size, and the relative scarcity of specialised teachers, course offerings have been limited.
It will also shift relative prices, notably those of oil and the dollar.
The world's division of labour is determined by the relative abundance of skilled and unskilled workers.
But previous research found only a weak correlation between the spike in flu rates and the drop in relative humidity.
There would be variations depending on the time of the year, angulation of the solar system relative to motion, etc.
Relative particulate motions occur as relative quantum jumps in position between successive space frames.
They found that even when the objects didn't move relative to each other, volunteers were able to reliably tell them apart.
Because of the relative immaturity of the gut, they may absorb more virus and that wreaks more havoc on the intestines.
Nevertheless, all experimental subjects recovered to relative normality within one or two nights of recovery sleep.
Seasons arise when the axis of a planet's spin is tilted relative to the plane of the planet's orbit.
Ultimately sustainability is going to be about weighing the relative pros and cons.
For one thing, big animals' feet are smaller relative to their bodies than are smaller beasts'.
The views were great, even with the relative lack of activity at the airport.
Even with its rapid growth, federal spending on earmarks is small relative to the total federal budget and the deficit.
The increasing relative profitability of consumer lending is what has driven the expansion of consumer borrowing.
The relative anonymity encourages this sort of behavior.
Ability to engage in advanced academic work also includes relative maturity, which various individuals define in various ways.
Several of us judge the relative merits of graduating students' shoe selections.
He can't judge facts by relative weight or seriousness.
And then there's the relative emphasis on theory over doctrine in legal scholarship.
The relative cost of cleaning was high compared to our salaries at the beginning, but not so now.
When demand is high and supply low, relative worth heads north.
On the other hand, this relative monotony made it sometimes difficult to find the right part.
They are both important, and their relative importance changes from time to time and from situation to situation.
Jazz aficionados have always enjoyed nothing more than debating the relative merits of different performers.
If they were, then airline revenue would remain largely unchanged relative to costs.
Degradation of this silvering probably explains its relative drop in performance.
Astronomers first create a model of the galaxy and work out how each part of ought to be moving relative to us.
Electronics within the device record the voltage at each electrode, relative to the others, and send that data to a computer.
It will also process what's called energy cane, a relative of sugarcane that's lower in sugar and higher in fiber.
If these are moving relative to each other, then this needs to be factored in.
There's certainly not a relative problem with workforce education.
No matter what source can be developed, there are only relative terms for haw bad they all are for the planet.
The relative subsidies is what's more relevant though.
The first is a mistake in reasoning, given the relative likelihood of music re-listening v book re-reading.
And whatever the demands of his office, silence on matters of public policy has always been a relative one.
Distributions flow out of and are relative to social meanings.
To the extent that you make the function and the information specific, they exist only relative to observers and interpreters.
But as long as there is no growth, the relative weight of the debt will continue to grow.
He attended a private high school and, though his grandparents were far from rich, he had a life of relative comfort.
In under a minute, the urchins began to move relative to the target.
The relative speed of two protons colliding is almost twice the speed of light.
The speed of one object relative to any other can never exceed the speed of light.
The tests detect genetic markers that reveal whether people share a common ancestor or relative.
Given such a small population, everyone becomes a distant relative after a few centuries.
The number reveals the relative importance of gravity in an expanding universe.
Comparing the widths of rings can reveal relative annual growing conditions over hundreds of years.
There's still plenty to learn about exactly which fossil dinosaur was the closest relative to the first birds.
They represent an absolute value judgment, made with all the paper's vast authority behind it, about restaurants' relative merits.
Or you can dwell on the relative strength of your currency.
But if you calculate only the first three hours after waking, this relative risk is threefold.
But investors are also increasingly anxious that stocks have risen too far and too fast relative to prospective earnings.
In their relative infancy, people accomplished amazing musical feats, stuff that still thrills.
Cole's still a relative newcomer to the mainstream with something to prove.

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