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Humans are deeply social creatures, after all, so it seems logical that good social relations should improve our lives.
After a brief period of coexistence, relations between the newcomers and natives deteriorated.
Food symbolizes many aspects of everyday culture and is a vehicle for social relations.
Mack answered their critics with its own advertising and public relations efforts.
Relations-The whole of this vessel is contained within the pericardium.
The position and relations of the pharyngeal orifice are described with the nasal part of the pharynx.
Dont you insult human relations by dragging all this cant about buying and selling into it.
He was a walking public-relations disaster and had to go.
In other words, the dispute over sovereignty is set aside in the interests of better relations.
We believe in broad-based regional integration, and in similar relations with the wider world.
The two countries have been improving ties despite decades of frosty relations and rivalry.
He's invited me to participate in a study aimed at pushing the limits of human-computer relations.
He also predicted the exact form of the current and voltage relations for the junction.
The nucleonic barrier is absolutely impregnable to finite relations.
When the practices of the hotels catch up to their environment-friendly public relations, this will mean something.
They explored the virtue of powerlessness in the arena of race relations.
It does cause some serious damage especially in more intimate social relations.
There is, however a new logic of relations which fail to be reflexive, symmetric and transitive.
If empathy is truly less common in people it must have impact with regards to diplomacy and future relations with other countries.
But please go on quantifying these relations and describing your results in such delightful clarity.
Spatial relations simply do not have the same inevitability that temporal ones do.
Real damage to diplomatic relations can result in real people bleeding and dying.
Instead those properties arise from the relations among the particles.
Marketing, advertising, and public relations were also expecting to see strong hiring growth.
So is our network of relations with family, friends, and community organizations.
He realized that a gene promoting extreme altruism could spread if the altruist helped its close relations.
My purpose for highlighting this is to preserve good relations between the two countries.
Plus, he had many characterization problems of his own, so he was secular in his relations.
By the beginning of the twentieth century, the apple had a serious public-relations problem.
Peace treaty is what you sign, but peace is when you have normal relations.
The above-mentioned book, which is about horse racing and race relations.
Indeed, the main topic of the conference is public relations.
Goldman executives believe they have a public-relations problem, not a substantive one.
There was also the question of her allegedly rough-and-ready approach to artist relations.
Waters also made a point of maintaining warm relations with her exes.
The richness of our individual personalities is a measure of the complexity of the relations that sustain us.
It is mainly because of this resistance that drug companies are now blanketing us with public relations messages.
Between these two periods their relations were strained and they did not communicate.
Every historian knows that a hegemonic currency is part of an imperial system of political relations.
It can be enhanced or quashed as a result of specific relations and experience.
Yet the course the administration is following undermines relations with both countries.
Newsrooms are shrinking and more journalists are crossing over to public relations.

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