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Writer tells about his kind stepmother and her family, who treated him as a genuine relation.
Similar questions, however, seldom come up in relation to people.
Charges may have little relation to costs and often lean to one side of the market.
Simply imposing a deadline-whether it was two or eight months away-reversed the mind's relation between work and time.
It was all theoretical, with rarely any relation to the tangible world around me.
If real interest rates are permanently lower, this could justify higher prices in relation to incomes.
Gravity among planets plays a key role in how they align themselves in relation to their star.
To begin with, at many colleges, it really doesn't pay that well in relation to the hours it requires.
Knowing how your home is positioned in relation to daily sunlight and wind flow will help you to use nature to your own benefit.
Scientists have long been interested in the relation between a nose's form and its function.
Due to the position of the camera in relation to their helmets, the photographers were not able to see through the viewfinder.
The relation between the two prices became the free-market exchange rate.
Their extreme, almost theatrical caution in relation to cash was familiar to me.
My point is that technological evolution must also be viable in relation to the evolution of the market.
The relation holds true for rich countries and poor, as seen above in each rising line.
No wonder cricket is the poor relation of team sports.
In relation to the body, taboos show us not the body's physical or biological boundaries, but its cultural boundaries.
And novel and new are two things scarce as hens teeth in relation to desalination technologies.
Too many countries are seized by ambitions that bear no relation to their particular comparative advantages.
The trademark covers usage of the phrase in relation to retail store services featuring computer software and services.
These studies have been performed and no relation has arisen.
Now, this vignette may on the surface not seem to be about work or my relation to it, but it is.
The relation of a string to an atom is the same as that of a human to the entire visible universe.
But the relation of your country of origin to the research is pretty obvious, and needs only a brief mention.
And although its total exports have continued growing, they remain tiny in relation to its debt.
As it is pointed out by the article, it is seen to have a relation to the western culture.
Remarkably, back and forths of that nature did not damage but enriched our relation.
It's common on campuses where the mascot has some relation to an animal.
These need to be understood in relation to the proper goal of the firm.
Farmers adjust what they plant and when they plant in relation to weather changes.
Its terminals and collaterals end either directly or indirectly in relation with the motor cells of the anterior column.
His significance, his appreciation is the appreciation of his relation to the dead poets and artists.
It is in relation with the sigmoid colon, from which it is usually separated by some coils of small intestine.
The marked differences between these three lyrics show how vital is the relation between words and music.
Kindly observe at this point the relation of the dream element to its unconscious factor.
Used between independent clauses, it indicates only that a relation exists between them without defining that relation.
While the two had no direct relation, it's impossible to see the two facts as entirely unconnected.
The body is our first and primary environment, and its relation to the outside world is by definition different.
Hence, developmental progression occurs when one schema becomes the mode in relation to the other two.
Please refer to the important notices including that in relation to composite performance, and the certain risk factors herein.
My point is that not only computers, if consider buildings there would surely be some relation to the function of the human body.
To put it simply, the stars are too dim in relation to the object that you are looking at.
Protons orbit, spin and color are in direct relation to quarks and antiquarks orbit and spin.
There was no relation between ability to perceive music and produce music.
If a causal relation can be established, then treating gum disease early may prevent hundreds of heart attacks every year.
Redshift tells us how fast and in which direction an object is moving in relation to us.
Perhaps another compartment for the inter-relation of population growth and species diversity.
Two other fires later occurred in relation to other safety tests.
In fact a valid relation with false inputs must deliver a false conclusion.
He should articulate the relation between photons and light.
Nothing in her relation to the kitchen offers the slightest hint that she has learned anything at all from her heroine.
But if you ask me, when it comes to pork, there is no relation between price per pound and enjoyment.
It means an organism evolves in relation to it's natural environment.
Are you stuck in the belief that his campaign stance on things has any relation to his personal beliefs.
But onto more pressing concerns in relation to the topicality of this weblog.
Economics is the description of human behaviour in relation to work and welfare.
It's not the prose so much as the relation and whether it's sarcastic.
In many countries around the globe, house prices are already at record levels in relation to rents and incomes.
The relation between inflation and employment is an antinomy unless the long-term output growth is insufficient.
Ten years ago-an aeon in gaming time-that might have borne some relation to reality.
The relation is really quite a simple one but it is sometimes misunderstood.
Gravitation reverses the usual relation between energy and temperature.
Clarification of its relation to rights and laws is urgently needed.
My book is a theory about the relation between urban space and urban society.
Every part is explained in relation to every other part.
What really is at stake is not movies at all, but prose and the relation between writers and readers.
He also, though, justified his decision to settle there permanently in relation to his poetic ideals and development.
Today all these old verities about the relation of war and politics or about violence and power no longer apply.
But he also stands in an intimate and paradoxical relation to national-security policy.
Blooming and opening meant the same thing in relation to flowers.
It meant that everyone had to be in a certain position in relation to her.
People began, in a curious way, to locate themselves in relation to various aspects of the balloon.
Libyans writers will, in their own good time, answer that universal question in relation to their specific reality and history.
Tells how public relation techniques were used for concealment.
Polymathy: the study and inter-relation of great and varied learning.
The relation between the two elements, the resulting pull or dance, is pleasing and expressive.
The primary origin of moral instincts is the dynamic relation between cooperation and defection.
But the fundamental fact in regard to this new society was its relation to land.
Buildings may be various in function but must be compatible with one another in size and in their relation to the street.
These and other terms used to in relation to humidity are defined at the bottom of this page.
But, the wind's speed in relation to the ground is faster on one side than the other.

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