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Results in the year-ago period were weighed down by a legal settlement related to defective heart defibrillators.
If the value in one cell was changed, the data in related cells were automatically adjusted.
Groups that live close to one another interact, interbreed, and become more genetically related.
Dysthymia, a disorder related to depression, seems to be diagnosed increasingly often.
On a micro-scale, related bits of information may be scattered far apart, and it's impossible to figure out what bit encodes what.
Extroverts generally have related habits that help them adapt to a new culture.
And that should be enough, since luminosity and temperature are related.
They are echinoderms, closely related to sea urchins.
In sum, the religion researcher is related to the theologian as the biologist is related to the frog in her lab.
Wolves live in packs of about six animals, which are usually related.
Earned doctorate in designated area or closely related field required for all.
But in a second, related study, scientists say the sink effect is now changing ocean chemistry.
The causes are more likely related to economic conditions than to any supposed climate change.
Understanding issues related to the levels of student preparation, its corresponding pedagogy and student development.
On a related note, keep in mind the environment has changed over time.
In addition, the team will continue to look for other genes that may be related to emotional memory.
It turns out that the heart is not only critical for survival, but also for how people related to one another.
Marginalized populations have more health problems related to poor nutrition and prenatal care.
Resistance to ciprofloxacin has emerged in people without access to the antibiotic, but who have taken a related antimalarial.
Use the photo and related article to answer basic news questions.
Companies were frustrated with traditional measures of performance that related only to the shareholders' point of view.
It also said it would maintain its mortgage-related holdings at current levels to support the housing market.
There's lots of technology out there that's outcome-related.
The program will include coursework related to sustainability in public policy, business, and science.
Terminal degree in one of these or another closely related area is required.
The more richly informed he is, the more he is tempted to introduce facts not strictly related to his dominant thought.
With regard to the special senses, the area for the sense of taste is probably related to the uncus and hippocampal gyrus.
Ask students to print their maps and write captions explaining how each one helps illuminate a point related to the news story.
Give students a few days to conduct research related to their role.
Coumarin is chemically related to warfarin, a blood thinner, and can be dangerous.
It addresses topics related to the health of our community.
The next step, he said, should be to investigate the mechanism underlying the age-related changes.
Most people encounter sleep difficulties from time to time, often related to stress or pain.
Candidates will be expected to develop a funded clinical research program in inflammatory arthritis or related field.
Some unknown astrophysical process, perhaps related to dark matter, may be at work.
Unless your father was a prince with a shady past, you probably haven't thought much about how related you are to a frog lately.
It turned out that stress is only mildly related and simple antibiotics cures must ulcers.
For years no one has known exactly how the three characteristics are related, if at all.
Obstructive sleep apnea is also causally related to vascular complications such as hypertension.
It's actually kind of a doubleheader of the anniversaries related to evolution.
His doctors have given him a diagnosis of stress-related heart disease, but his producers couldn't care less.
The housing bubble masked this new reality for a while, creating work in construction and related industries.
He makes furniture, sculpts things related to houses.
These commandments are in fact a mixture of related injunctions.
Researchers boost growth of muscle stem cells to stop age-related muscle deterioration.
Perhaps you could ask someone with a medically related background to give you some feedback.
These crawlers look through a user's address book, for example, and search for files related to the people found in there.
Aardvark has to parse the question to determine its topic before hunting for users with related interests.
Commentary on astronomy news and space-related myths and misinformation.
She was advised to continue abstaining from all peanut-related foods.
Researchers have recently started to pay more attention to how water vapor in the atmosphere is related to global warming.
Timely diagnosis may prevent further injury-related morbidity and mortality.
In this patient, the faulty growth was related to her previous pregnancies.
The iridescent azure gleam of the morpho butterfly results from a related form of optical engineering.
He is now investigating whether this protection extends to other closely related family members.
Most of the damage was caused by mortgage-related securities issued in the last two years of the housing boom.
What gives us the jitters is that all of these are related.
While related, they operate somewhat independently, almost as backups for each other.
Migrations of artists are only crudely related to fluctuations in exchange rates.
On this page you can find information and links on mold-related issues.
Related information and resources on mold and moisture.

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