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Ensures compliance with federal and state laws as they relate to student finances.
Robots are being created that can think, act, and relate to humans.
Watching it made the neuroscientist in me reflect on what dreams are and how they relate to the brain.
Secondary definitions relate to the spread of cultural ideas or the process by which a new idea becomes accepted.
But it will also have a brand that is based on their staff and how they relate to customers.
Every returning spectator of the event is immediately surrounded to relate his observations.
When people are led to believe that an object possesses one gender or another, it changes how they relate to that object.
Equally important is whether the people relate well to them.
Think of a résumé as a compelling introduction of your experiences and skills as they relate to a particular career or job.
The bank has said that all the questionable transactions relate to the clients of a single investment adviser.
Apparently the secret to finding a good unused domain name is to take two normally unrelated words and relate them.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to species that are extinct or near extinction and conservation efforts.
Sound computer skills and design concepts as they relate to social networking sites.
But that will depend on your ability to relate the experience to the skills and knowledge valued by your student-affairs office.
The column should touch on your personal experiences but also relate to broader issues affecting academe.
It will be heard in the way students relate to professors and colleagues relate to each other.
Many online catalogs provide a variety of ways in which one can relate books to one another, including by call number.
My big concern is how to relate the subject matter on-line and do a good job.
Limit the add-on items to those that clearly relate to the original purchase.
How this might relate to people will require further investigation.
Students' answers may relate to the migration of birds, butterflies, or other animals.
Legislation puts calories on a package but folk fail to relate how much energy is available vs what a body needs.
His is a narrative carried through the ages for which trans people can directly relate to their own lived experiences.
Finally, think about the ways in which the different general kinds of oceanography might relate.
Read through these suggestions and find ones that relate to your situation.
Indeed, nothing about the underlying allegations relate to espionage or the deprivation of honest services.
These experiences relate to the wonders of the deep.
Words and expressions often relate to local realities, habits and cultures.
Use your procrastination time to relate to human beings.
Next, draw pictures of cultural things that relate to the country, such as specific types of food or music.
The questions and responses should relate to the interviewees' experiences in the places where they grew up.
The big financial risks relate to inflation and interest rates, while the biggest non-financial risk is changes in longevity.
The majority of the songs have lyrics that relate to adults.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to names of vacation spots, activities, and summer holidays.
Hence, they are as legitimate as the appointed finance ministers they relate with.
The immune response mediated by the appendix may also relate to such inflammatory conditions as ulcerative colitis.
Ask students to relate this back to the ocean light zones that they learned about in the opening activity.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to the anatomy and habits of different insects.
For example, consider how tuna and shark relate to each other.
But it may alter the way they or other animals relate to them.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to weather patterns and their causes, seasons, and climate.
Find a way to relate the group to an environment that expresses something about what kind of group they are.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to famous explorers and their missions.
You've touched on a wonderful part of life that everyone around the world can relate to: kids.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to food's role in helping us stay healthy.
The accounts that older fishermen relate can be filled with valuable information for today's anglers, scientists and managers.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to the names of characters and plots from world mythology.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to body systems, organs, functions and health.
Many of the puzzle clues relate to types and qualities of rocks, minerals and gems.
She does not relate the incident to her husband who is suffering from an undisclosed illness.
Alternate chapters relate the stories of two disparate but slowly converging heroes.
Urban revitalization does not at first glance relate to the growing national interest in fresh fruits and vegetables.
Voters have personal experience with energy use, so they can relate to discussion of solutions.
No pattern of questions and answers is permitted to develop, nor do the questions themselves relate logically to each other.
He's an environmentalist, but that term alone doesn't relate his vision for business.
It's fun talking to them about how they relate to characters in the story.
She then proceeded to relate to me a somewhat less downplayed version.
They then relate these variables to how income is distributed in each society.
Hanson has said that the shocking verisimilitude of his creations is in the service of allowing us to relate to them.
At the end of the talk, he does relate the rate of impactors to the basin forming impacts on the moon.
Cutting costs is not easy: the bulk relate to promises already made.
However, it would be interesting to know how these factors relate if in fact they do.
Most languages relate to a particular culture, with literature that reflects the culture.
The research appears to relate only to the ability to make faster and more accurate decisions.
Nearly all my friends relate their own similar experiences.
Our result really does not relate to whether or not galaxies' rotation curves require dark matter or not.
They are increasingly arrogant dogmatic and seemingly cannot relate to real people.
Salt, in a term everyone can relate to, loves water.
We want the truth, so be kind and relate the details to us.
So you could really relate to where these kids were coming from.
For another, we're supposed to encourage people who feel doomed to share it in words and know that others can relate.
For that reason, fact-based questions are declining in popularity vs those that relate to the user's preferences.

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