relatable in a sentence

Example sentences for relatable

The couple's hardships seem brutally relatable to anyone who's weathered a rocky relationship.
He says everyday simple things and makes them so relatable.
For him a reflection of days gone by, and for me an immediately relatable story.
Through the processing computers, the data became relative and relatable.
On-screen, a good soap requires relatable characters and believable story lines.
Maybe he's too morally good to be interesting or relatable.
The training should be relatable to the military lifestyle and should reflect the military jargon, customs and courtesies.
There were no adverse effects observed throughout the study that was relatable to the phosphine exposures.
Some military functions are easily relatable to their civilian counterparts.
In other words, the highlights should indicate the impact of the achievement in a relatable context.
Costs of supplies and other directly relatable expenses also are chargeable.
These effects are then relatable to potential impacts at the population level.
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