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Or if they did benefit, the improvement was short-lived, followed by a relapse.
Indeed, it works better, if you take into account the lower relapse rate.
The threat of relapse hangs over any attempt to kick a heroin addiction.
Perhaps if you forget the pipe, you won't relapse into using it.
When diagnosed and treated, relapse rates are dramatically reduced.
Sure does explain relapse and supports the concept of harm reduction in treatment.
Four had a relapse and three developed a different type of cancer.
Pharmacological interventions for the prevention of relapse in bipolar disorder: a systematic review of controlled trials.
If they are blocked, some might easily relapse into a nationalist fever that could even reignite conflict.
Patients may sometimes avoid relapse if every single cancerous cell had been eliminated.
But today there are several medications that have been proven to decrease the odds of relapse.
The remaining sessions are typically used for medication tapering, if necessary, and relapse prevention.
So vaccinated individuals should-in theory-be less likely to relapse.
Psychological cravings and relapse triggers continue long after the physiological withdrawals cease.
Nor do they know how likely a treated patient is to relapse.
There was worry about a potential relapse of sectarian violence.
Treatment decisions also rely on prior treatments and where the relapse has occurred.
Apparently recovering, he suffered a sudden relapse.
He was operated on early this week and doctors had pronounced him out of danger, when he suffered a relapse.
Even for those who have abstained for a year, one-third relapse.
He contracted a cold last summer and later had a relapse from which he never recovered.
The chances of a relapse into recession seem to be rising.
Green says this is why people who participate in weight-loss or stop-smoking groups so often relapse after leaving the group.
During the afternoon, however, the writer suffered a sudden relapse and sank rapidly.
She rallied, but had a relapse three days ago, and the end after that never was in doubt.
Compliance with treatment protocols is often inconsistent, and relapse is all too common.
Two trials suggest that it can cut the rate of relapse in people who have had three or more bouts of depression.
But soon he suffered a relapse, and decided to go to the hospital for treatment.
It is an entirely prophetic religion, proof against any possibility of relapse towards blood sacrifices.
If he does it too soon, we'll get a relapse in to recession.
Economies reliant on government stimulus that cannot last forever may relapse into a double-dip recession.
After two years he would measure lasting change or relapse.
It's been tremendously difficult to find the strength to write, and a big part of this relapse has been a return of vertigo.
However it is labelled, the economic relapse is sure to have a big impact on politics.
She was so compliant, in fact, that her blood pressure and leaky heart valve probably could not explain the relapse at hand.
Transplantation is mainly used to treat patients who relapse or who are in remission.
Cocaine addiction is difficult to treat, and relapse can occur.
And so far, it seems that about two to three years after the original treatment, patients can experience a relapse.
Most patients do respond to drugs for a while, and then relapse.

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