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Example sentences for rejoicing

Open-access proponents are rejoicing because that failure has created new momentum to strengthen the policy.
There's great rejoicing by the mob, as if a goal had been scored in a soccer match.
For the locals, though, the arrival of the monsoon is a time of rejoicing.
In truth there was no cause for rejoicing, nor need to turn around, either.
It should be a cause for rejoicing that much of our ignorance of the history of music is permanent, irrevocable.
The wounded and grieving exiles of the haunting chorus are shown reviving and rejoicing at the end.
And there should be much rejoicing in paradise over such a sinner.
One might expect a certain amount of scholarly rejoicing.
Today, indeed, a find of merely one billion barrels is considered cause for rejoicing.
Certainly, families on continental holidays are rejoicing at the extra spending a mightier pound provides.
The fact that there are still over a million people waiting for hospital treatment hardly gives cause for rejoicing.
Yet even their pages have run editorials rejoicing in the disposing of despots and dreams of democracy.
There was no rejoicing among the crowd, only a sense of a necessary deed having been conducted with proper dignity.
Before the rejoicing gets out of hand, though, remember that consolidation has its limits.
Whether they will still be rejoicing next month remains to be seen.
Nor has there been much sign of rejoicing in those countries whose currencies have tended to strengthen.
There is rejoicing when a country holds its first election.
The senators danced and bounced around, some rejoicing in a victory over gambling, some bidding adieu to the insect invaders.
But the absence of crowding-out at the moment is hardly a matter for rejoicing.
But another reason for the lack of rejoicing may be that those freedoms are fragile and come attached to a sobering lesson.
Alas, the rejoicing and clapping of hands will have to wait for another day.
With such a low approval rating it is not at all surprising that the people are rejoicing over his resignation.
The feeling is one of hearty rejoicing at the completion of this great work.
It was kept in remembrance of the sojourn in the wilderness, and was a time of grand rejoicing.
Over the shadowy hills and windy peaks she draws her golden bow, rejoicing in the chase, and sends out grievous shafts.
If that was the case, the producers ought to be practically rejoicing now.
With the official start of summer and the school year ending, many kids are rejoicing.
Summer has officially arrived, and kids and teens everywhere are rejoicing.
School's out for summer, and kids everywhere are rejoicing.
Each community's location would include a site of great natural beauty for worship and rejoicing.
The holidays are approaching, a time when families gather around the table for reunions, celebrations and rejoicing.
The beginning of this new millennium will be a time for great rejoicing.
They received him back with a touching display of loyalty and rejoicing.
What may be a tragedy for some may be cause for rejoicing for others.
For others, the focus shifts to rejoicing a world rich in the diverse array of natural resources our wonderful state has to offer.

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