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Example sentences for rejoice

College admissions is transformed, and high-school students everywhere rejoice.
Human-resource managers would understandably rejoice at what amounts to more uncompensated overtime.
Rejoice in others' good work and let that elevate you.
We should rejoice that someone has found a subject so captivating that they will risk live and limb in pursuit.
Rejoice and celebrate this journey we've been given, for it is a gift.
When you rejoice in oppressing, you are an oppressor.
Savers rejoice at what they see, rightly, as a victory for property rights.
Meanwhile, let the world rejoice that it finally has got such a monster behind bars.
Fair enough that it's time to rejoice and celebrate a victory, but ultimately it's a symbolic one.
Clearly, there are many who would rejoice in such a shift of power, for both ideological as well as humanitarian reasons.
May you be granted the strength to face this trying time and may you rejoice in the wonderful memories of his life.
Of course the vendors inside the terminal rejoice as they can now sell drinks with jacked up prices.
Workers may not rejoice at the availability of jobs for which pay is denominated in bowls of thin soup.
If you get an interview, rejoice, and don't worry about ranking yourself.
Some technologies are so blatantly obnoxious that the human race would rejoice if they were summarily executed.
Rejoice in complexity, in systems and in persons, and accept that it takes its time revealing its intricacies.
We all rejoice with you in the confirmation of your appointment.
We who are not zealots can rejoice that when bread and wine are no longer sacraments, they will still be bread and wine.
Animal-lovers will have cause to rejoice in many parts of the world.
If you're a business traveller, it's time to rejoice.
Proponents of gun rights may rejoice at winning this heavyweight tussle, but their victory comes by way of a nuanced decision.
Savers rejoice: rates on bank certificates of deposit and similar investments may start to rise faster than inflation.
The end of cancer treatment is often a time to rejoice.
It's a place to meet friends new and old, and rejoice in the preservation and innovation of an historical neighborhood.
We rejoice a little when someone shows us something special about our ordinary lives.
It is our privilege to rejoice with you during this special time of celebration.
The mood was mixed, as those present were torn whether to mourn those who did not return or to rejoice for those who had.

Famous quotes containing the word rejoice

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