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At the same time they would genetically alter the cells to prevent rejection by the body.
He collected a large amount of material along the lines above indicated and then submitted it to me for my approval or rejection.
The wound inflicted on his pride by this rejection had never quite healed.
It is only by the successive testing of hypotheses and rejection of the false that truth is at last elicited.
But there is a second cause, which is no inability but a rejection upon choice and judgment.
The no vote, in short, was not a clear-cut rejection of the nationalist cause.
The rejection has been criticised across much of the political spectrum.
It hoped that its referendum would sway this debate by delivering a decisive public rejection of change.
Stem cells created from unfertilized mice eggs are successfully transplanted without immune rejection.
Cloned tissues from stem cells might beat immune rejection.
These attempts to find and use evidence make the non-use of video replay a capricious rejection of technology.
Fortunately, this type of immediate rejection of transfused red cells is rare.
Efforts to outfit the organs with protective proteins have succeeded only in delaying rejection for a few months.
Her group wanted to make lung tissue from the body's own cells, to prevent rejection when transplanted.
Rejection of the offer meant that no one got anything.
Researchers will study the case to see if there are ways to purposely switch blood types and avoid rejection issues.
They're accompanied by serious physical risks, including a lifetime on immuno-suppressing drugs and the potential for rejection.
Once rejection took its toll and the monkeys' faces started to swell and bleed, they were killed.
The researchers now are attempting to remove a second sugar gene that also causes rejection.
Given the state of the job market, many academics are reflecting on rejection these days.
Then out of nowhere a form rejection letter similar to yours appeared in my mail.
Supposedly, the rejection notice was mailed early last week.
My phone interview today was pretty much a rejection.
My friend recently got a job rejection from a place where she didn't even apply.
For me, this was a difficult rejection because it means that my academic career will not continue past this year.
E-mail rejection letters allow doctoral programs to be efficient in dismissing applicants for admission.
For graduating seniors, the tight economy means more rejection letters from prospective employers.
The two acceptances were followed by seven consecutive rejection letters, including three that arrived on the same day.
Now the position which sent the rejection letter has re-opened.
If rejection begins, drugs that suppress the immune system may stop the rejection.
He revels in the wanting, in the potential for rejection, he does not fear it.
His relentless campaigning, in the face of constant rejection, has a masochistic tinge.
But the real forward momentum is provided by the rejection of continuity.
Rejection, not acceptance, would enlarge him and keep the old mythologies alive.
Politicians can't help taking a loss as a direct personal rejection, and it goes to the core of their being.
The overture was declined on the basis that he was too sick to talk, and perhaps that was the only reason for the rejection.
My father had warned me about this kind of rejection.
It's not surprising that she stuck to her evolutionary theory in the face of adamant rejection.
If there is rejection, you start seeing areas of redness.
Plait's rejection of astrology is well-organized and flawlessly reasoned.
Look at the rejection and persecution that those guys had to endure.
None of these affinities entails a rejection of evolution.
And there's nothing about secularism which necessitates a rejection of evolution.
So if pigs are to stand in as organ donors, a way to shut down hyperacute rejection must be found.
In logics term, rejection is deductive, confirmation is inductive.
Transplanting bone marrow along with kidneys reduces the risk of organ rejection.
In mice, stem cells derived from adult tissue can trigger immune rejection, even when matched to the tissue donor.
Ideally they'd be taken from the patients themselves to avoid an immune rejection.
If they can be grown from a patient's own cells, they could furthermore be transplanted without triggering immune rejection.
Because the cloned stem cells are genetically matched to the patient, they are not subject to immune rejection.
If the stem cells come from a patient's own body, there is no risk of rejection.
Another obstacle not always fully considered is immune rejection.
Three baboons died for reasons other than organ rejection, and the hearts remained viable.
Because the organs would be printed from a patient's own cells, there would be less danger of rejection.
In fact, transplantation of cells creating insulin have been tested, but the usual rejection problems occurred.
Almost all users experience occasional rejection to the point that generates significant annoyance.
In both, the rejection of dogma becomes the basis of a canny personal ethics.
Some even went so far as to call this total rejection of their faith a martyrdom.
As for religious freedom, its sincerity is not measured by a rejection of other people's faith.
When a photographer summons the courage to try for an exhibition, even one rejection can be devastating.
Though failing and rejection are different things, in either case you will have to go through the test again.
Rejection and defeat only increased his persistence.

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