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In the best-case scenario, you'll be able to respond and then reject me, saying you've already secured a tenure-track position.
But some curators reject putting up barriers between artwork and visitor.
The comments so far reject out of hand without even looking at the science.
It is a charge that bankers vehemently reject and the data largely back them up.
But he's inclined to reject the government's pre-change projections of modest energy savings.
When playing this simple game, people consistently reject the rational choice.
Reject too many people for a job opening and they may flag your ad in spite every time they see it-and every new ad you post, too.
They desire what they reject and are consequently unhappy with themselves as well as their interlocutor.
He has proposed a process where both sides suggest options, reject those either finds unacceptable and then hammer out a solution.
If your faith requires that you reject science, that is your right.
Biologists and geneticists on the whole utilize the divisions of race although some fashionably reject it.
The responder can either accept the division or reject it.
He avoided over-reliance on the biblical chronology, but also did not reject it.
It is for individual consumers to reject beef, and limit meat-eating to two days per week.
The polls suggest that, with less than a month to go, a majority will indeed reject the government's municipal-boundaries plan.
Buller doesn't reject evolutionary studies of the mind per se.
If the donor and patient aren't genetically similar enough, the patient's body will reject the transfusion.
One must either reject scientific observations entirely or accept the evidence for what it supports.
If a jury believes a law is unjust or unfair, it can reject that law.
Or, one discontented winter does not reject the trend towards ever more warm years.
Unfortunately, op-amps usually can't reject these signals.
The dealer may reject it entirely or buy it at a lower price and reprocess it.
It is wise to reject propositions that have failed to bare any fruit.
Not to reject properly conducted science, but it is rather difficult to disprove the existence of an undetectable form of matter.
Water also contaminates cardboard, so collection programs usually reject wet boxes.
The researchers figured the control group would reject the pig cells.
It may feel awkward, but you've got to do it to avoid ending up in the reject pile.
The genes create a sugar that causes the human body to reject organs.
All three of the state's public universities could face further cuts if voters reject a sales-tax ballot measure later this month.
And vendors reject other comestibles for their less-than-pristine appearance.
Appreciating reject letters only means you haven't had enough of them.
They will reject without thinking any solution that suggests free markets.
The company has to present a repayment plan to the court, but the court can reject it and impose a plan of its own.
He could ask for things-and would reject a proffered item and ask again if it was not what he wanted.
But the report's intention, he says, is to reject the simple causal link that diversity hampers development.
It is as if it were the default path that we'd have to reject first to choose something else.
We are minds free for accept healthier products and reject the bad ones.
Instead of using your free will to reject sense and reason, use your mind to consider a persuasive case for your point of view.
Unfortunately, the people that should be learning from it will reject it our of hand.
It's the sudden shock of the absence that makes us reject low-salt foods.
When you are ready to reject dogma and accept facts at face value, you can call yourself a scientist.
We may ultimately decide to reject or accept these technologies.
They can pick and choose what information to believe and what to reject in order to make decisions in their lives.
It exclaims that, while one hand is held up to reject this treaty, the other grasps a tomahawk.
So let us reject any among us who seek to reopen old wounds and to rekindle old hatreds.
As there, so in their reading, the process must be gradual of acquiring an inbred monitor to reject the evil and choose the good.
If nations reject and deride that moral law, there is a penalty which will inevitably follow.
On the other hand, it is foolish to reject a proposal merely because it is advanced by visionaries.
The tribunal is almost certain to reject the call for a referendum.
Moreover, paying civil servants enough to persuade them to reject bribes and kickbacks is itself costly.
If the e-files you receive are not locked, you will be able to accept or reject the editor's tracked changes.
So departments don't want to reject candidates until they are sure they've got someone.
Be prepared to reject the offer if the terms are unacceptable to you.
If you want to reject a suggestion, indicate why that is and suggest that another change that you might make in its stead.
In the end, it will only confirm their decision to reject you.
Sort of ironic then that the topic is named in a way that causes some people to reject it.
People are also less likely to reject transplanted cells from their own bodies.
Successful after years of obscurity, he was now confident enough to reject advice.
We reserve the right to reject, disqualify, and delete any images that are considered inappropriate.
Thinking about it overnight, he could come up with no particular reason either to reject or to endorse the match.
Hence the literary censorship: good writers are known to reject the weak inspiration of the parish pump.
People are quite capable of determining the extent to which they receive and reject the impulses behind the help they need.
One player proposes the split, and the other can accept or reject it-but if he rejects it, neither player gets anything.
But public-opinion research suggests that consumers may reject clone-derived food.
Other species use similar strategies to reject attempts by parasites to usurp their parental efforts.
Similarly, a more metaphorical reading flourishes because authorities in other denominations reject fundamentalism.
They would reject the idea that there is or should be central planning in the economy.
From a philosophical standpoint, of course it's easy to reject animal research if it hurts animals and has no benefits.
When you reject reality and turn to nonsense, it has real effects.
Other countries will reject our exploitation and demand instead our cooperation.
She called on the nations of the world to reject any efforts they might make to flee the country.
One does not know what to reject, what old alley of desolation to resent, what corner of newness to despise.
Many of the exiled, freighted with more suffering than reasons to leave, would reject this statement.
Our function is to help stimulate the emergence of such groups-not to make or reject coalitions for them.
We must reject and resist the notion that the fewer people can understand an idea, the more important that idea must be.
Yet even they and their descendants did not and do not reject his artistic and intellectual achievement.
Schoolmates taunt him, and even his own family has begun to reject him.
Reverse osmosis reject water is defined as pumped or drained wastewater discharges from reverse osmosis units.

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