reiterate in a sentence

Example sentences for reiterate

But let me reiterate: these are not your usual worksheets.
To reiterate, the study could not have been any clearer about the importance of lowering meat consumption.
Let me reiterate: my argument is not with you but with your argument.
Regarding the latter, they reiterate that they are the party that can and will create jobs.
What's important to reiterate here is that you want the search committee to get an accurate sense of who you are.
It's sad but someone needs to reiterate this: college was never designed for all students.
To reiterate, all government beyond that needed to protect our freedom and advance commerce is harmful to our economic well being.
Let me reiterate, no one with any clue wants her to go.
To reiterate, it comes down to what they're actually doing.
But to reiterate, the goal is not to provide the best imagery possible, but imagery that satisfies the mission requirements.
If you feel a need to reiterate it further, please do so somewhere else.
To reiterate, the way in which you engage the debate is fruitless.
To reiterate what others have been saying, solar radiation has been pretty much been absolved from causing global warming.
Let me reiterate and clarify the physical part of your comment.
Reiterate your interest in the position and your qualifications.
Reiterate that unqualified persons are not permitted to perform electrical work, especially energized electrical work.
We issued the guidance to reiterate our existing policy regarding subordinate liens.
They reiterate research-driven conclusions, and outline appropriate and achievable strategies.
Reiterate the importance of treating the patient and not the machine.

Famous quotes containing the word reiterate

I wish to reiterate all the reasons which [my predecessor] has presented in favor of the policy of maintain... more
We reiterate the values [of the family support movement]. We believe that we cannot exist each unto ourselv... more
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