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Animal trainers have long known that positive reinforcement is more effective than negative methods.
If it is learned, then it can be unlearned by reinforcement.
Micro-suede shoulder patches add extra reinforcement against wear from pack straps.
Cholesterol is vascular reinforcement as a direct result of inflammation.
It has fat steel tubes which have extra reinforcement where they join.
Steel reinforcement bars twist out of the walls, inside and outside.
First, there is the immediate problem of reinforcement.
Make sure you know about being the pack leader and use positive reinforcement.
Contemporary theories of reinforcement learning are rooted in the dopaminergic reward system.
Change the lack of good structural steel reinforcement in walls, columns and ceilings.
Negative reinforcement never works as well as positive reinforcement.
She discusses shaping behavior through positive reinforcement.
Training was simple positive reinforcement using food treats.
But sharp taps to the touch sensors act as negative reinforcement and will eventually eliminate the behavior altogether.
The core of the reinforcement is expected to be the equivalent of about four brigades.
Positive reinforcement is great but is not the answer to all problems.
The concept of positive reinforcement for success has been around for a long time.
The reinforcement are integrated into the walls with the bricks and blocks serving as formwork.
The ban testifies to the power of positive reinforcement.
Many of the failing parents he has met are aware of their shortcomings and would value the reinforcement this would offer them.
Our culture approaches this job through the intuition that behavior is best motivated through reinforcement.
In fact, this extra reinforcement probably saved the house from collapsing years ago.
Positive reinforcement produced by electrical stimulation of septal area and other regions of rat brain.
The constant reinforcement of this idea made breaking that milestone a strange one.
But on the management of conflicts the report seeks overhaul rather than reinforcement.
When they do something badly, such as colliding with a wall, they get negative reinforcement and avoid that in the future.
The surge is not only a reinforcement but also, more important, a change of tactics.
And once loaded, the belt gripped the hips with a particularly gentle touch, despite chintzy plastic load-bearing reinforcement.
In the absence of reinforcement of its capital, application of these standards might expose the fragility of its balance sheet.
Steel reinforcement bars-rebars-are what hold up concrete and masonry structures.
Its continual reinforcement of a certain view within a fairly close profession.
The blackout cloth had to be doubled over and sewed along the edges for reinforcement.
Provide them with positive reinforcement and they will want to better their well-being.
On both sides, limited investment of time and effort was required but positive reinforcement was quickly achieved.
But subsequent designs will probably grow lighter as the strength of the steel's reinforcement permits thinner castings.
The insurgents were met by four government planes, which went back soon for reinforcement.
She realized that positive reinforcement worked better at that age than punishment.
More significantly, they discovered a reinforcement in their struggling bullpen.
She was taught one or two new names a day, with monthly revisions and reinforcement for any names she had forgotten.
You'd be amazed what a little positive reinforcement can do.
When they do something well, such as picking up a puck, they get positive reinforcement and repeat that action in the future.
The procedure included clean up of the labrum and bursa and clean up and reinforcement of the rotator cuff.
Nor was it the kind of laughter that cheats by turning in the end to tears, or by needing reinforcement with imagery.
Leave that reinforcement for only a few months and the connections fade.
Carbonation neutralizes the concrete, resulting in less protection for the metal reinforcement.
Structures have scant reinforcement and are often set on weak foundations.
Reality orientation, with repeated reinforcement of environmental and other cues, may help reduce disorientation.
It's an easy to use app and the simple star rating system is good positive reinforcement.

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