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Violent resistance tends to reinforce that loyalty, while civil resistance undermines it.
Design and deliver training to clients to reinforce best practices and legal compliance.
They argue that isolated reforms do not work because of the way labour-market rigidities reinforce one another.
Thousands of volunteers and aid workers mobilized to reinforce levees and patrol for leaks in below-freezing temperatures.
New research finds that stem cells repair and reinforce brain cells in mice.
But thanks, it does reinforce how beautiful and magnificent our country is.
Shingled walls and crisp white trim reinforce the bungalow look.
Car makers use more metal to reinforce body structures.
Once the vibe is bad, it tends to reinforce itself as all the other students are made uncomfortable by the tense atmosphere.
Hapless efforts to rescue the floundering financial and property sectors only reinforce that feeling.
These fibers are thought to have helped reinforce the wing.
Reinforce the top sides of the ship to give better cover.
Large boulders flanking the firepit reinforce the visual connection to the rocky terrain.
The latest findings reinforce the researchers' suspicion that telomere biology plays a role, too.
In fact, though, colleges have come to reinforce many of the advantages of birth.
They buttress each other and serve to reinforce each other.
These diseases reinforce a vicious circle of poverty and hopelessness by depressing production.
In this case, negative space and framing work in tandem to reinforce the tranquil and dreamy mood.
Lessons are followed by a short quiz or puzzle to reinforce learning.
Most of the findings reinforce evidence of trends that were apparent from previous reports.
It is also sure to reinforce a growing sense that the financial-market crisis has a lot further to run.
Seat and knee patches reinforce high wear areas for durability.
Typically, interfering waves reinforce in some places and cancel in others.
Natives reinforce a sense of place that then leads us into other expressions.
And every time brands and people interact with each other represents an opportunity to reinforce messaging about that brand.
Loyalists for each contender will find reason to reinforce their pre-formed preferences.
Another rate rise would reinforce the message that the bank means business.
The online geography quizzes and games at this site engage students' attention as they reinforce geographic skills.
Dong's results suggest that inflammation and insulin resistance reinforce each other via a positive feedback loop.
Invent games for the site, and reinforce catchy coinages by users.
The economic trends of the past four years are likely to reinforce this political breakdown.
Includes lots of fun facts and details that reinforce natural science concepts taught in elementary school.
But it's good to reinforce those lessons at home, and recycling is a good place to start.
But it was originally engineered to reinforce state power, not overturn it.
He has tried to use government to reinforce traditional virtues such as marriage.
Dopamine is released in times of enjoyment and might serve to reinforce compulsive behavior such as gambling.
When storms reach land, or cold water, they lose energy as the conditions necessary to reinforce them are no longer present.
Instead, you need to take steps to reinforce civil society, rather than blowing it apart.
Repeat the words with the students to reinforce the vocabulary.
Meanwhile nations are to reinforce their elephant monitoring and antipoaching efforts.
It also tends to reinforce in groups as the article says.
Return to the questions sited earlier to reinforce their research.
Dumbing down the language will only reinforce the problem.
The things people reach for to reinforce their beliefs.
Writing the ideas on the blackboard may reinforce reading skills.
Reading things that oppose your existing concepts tests these concepts and may even reinforce them.
Rising interest rates are likely to reinforce the anxiety.
Behavioral tests in other studies reinforce their conclusion.
The study of monkeys also supports the idea that being a leader may greatly reinforce the qualities required to be effective.
Reinforce the idea that animals are alike and different.
Contrary data can actually reinforce the theory if they follow the lines of the general hypothesis being tested.
He is also taking further steps to reinforce his power to direct and co-ordinate government.
And physically shaking a dog by the scruff is a good way to reinforce defensive behavior.
Yet another biased study designed to reinforce an existing opinion.
Use this lively little movie to reinforce basic sound concepts.
Nature and nurture interact and reinforce each other.
As an oil well is drilled casings are cemented in place at different depths to reinforce the borehole.
Once formal power is conferred to such groups the momentum will be to reinforce the panels positions.
With another machine, the miners then drive long steel dowels into the tunnel walls to reinforce them before proceeding.
Again these exams reinforce critical skills needed to succeed and presupposes that students have done some preparation.
She will soon have more opportunity to reinforce that link.
To reinforce the suggestion, they've cut off its money.
It might reinforce your decision, or give you pause.
These blessings should in theory reinforce each other.
They do help reinforce the material and indicate what's important.
And if both consumer spending and property prices recover, they are likely to reinforce each other.
Civilization is what our species came up with to combat nature's indifference, not to reinforce it.
There are dozens of these quotes, and they subtly reinforce the book's direction.
In principle, each business unit should constantly reinforce one another.
Such use of evidence could reinforce claims made in the teaching philosophy you send to search committees.
Your views only reinforce all that is wrong and heartless with that model.
Articles such as this only reinforce the stereotypical prejudices prevalent in society.
But it should reinforce the point that, on hydrological grounds alone, conserving forest is often essential.
Please don't be as ignorant, and continue to reinforce the stereotype that has been cast upon us for our entire history.
One flank could not reinforce the other except by marching back to the junction of the roads.
For strength, reinforce the corners of the box with vertical posts.
Use the picture glossary to clap out syllables, play rhyming games, and reinforce letter-sound correspondences.
Reinforce smart habits by breaking the link between rewards and outcomes.
To aid this melding process, researchers often add a protein-based solder into the wound in order to reinforce the seam.
Fold overhang inward to reinforce side, then trim flush with edge of pan.
As if to reinforce that shyness, all the twists are straight.
They are surrounded by sycophants and enablers who reinforce that impression.
Ideally, the two-week event gives a network a chance to promote upcoming series and to reinforce its image.
Exotic foreign-currency products sold to retail investors reinforce the currency's upward trajectory.
The demographics of fewer births and longer lives reinforce the cyclical trend.
Every language has features that are not required for comprehension, but reinforce something that is also conveyed another way.
It could simply reinforce its long-standing export bias.
Work is being undertaken to reinforce the rickety structure in the buildings.
Alas, though some reforms could ease social segregation, others will work to reinforce it.
Others retort that by adding to aggregate demand, this too might serve to reinforce the cycle rather than counter it.
At a distance, the light waves from these sources cancel each other in some places and reinforce each other in others.
As a result, the program tends to reinforce the status quo, rather than promote systemic creativity and dynamism.
The results reinforce the findings of other studies.
Even rehashing old knowledge is valuable to reinforce the old knowledge.
To suggest that there is some mark of distinction between the tenured and the untenured is to reinforce a meritocratic lie.
But these only reinforce the need for robust legal protections and enforcement.
We have long known that people gravitate to parts of the media that reinforce their beliefs.
Cultural and economic changes always reinforce each other.
Then add one more layer of melted chocolate to reinforce the exterior and return to the freezer.
Previous studies have shown that personal relationships with others can reinforce one's well-being and self-image.
Being shunned, in turn, may reinforce eccentricity and other abnormal behavior.
The essence of the police role in maintaining order is to reinforce the informal control mechanisms of the community itself.
We need to create events that convey a message to reinforce our paid message.
The layers of memory only reinforce the soap opera, with the backstory fleshing out the characters currently on screen.
But these intuitions still reinforce an all-or-nothing approach to foreign policy.
Practice does not overcome mediocrity and may even reinforce it.
It's a feedback loop in which behavior and physiology continually reinforce one another.
Stroking the robot dog's head will positively reinforce that behavior.
Receptors located in the brain's dopamine reward system reinforce the good feelings that these activities bring.
Clothing is designed to constrain and reinforce the effect of body movement and placement.
The responses to this one, in fact, seem to almost reinforce that.
The researchers recommend that the government reinforce these efforts.
Bike patrol officers will present the talks and hand out pictures to color that reinforce the message of wearing helmets.
The fact that you keep bringing this topic up and trying to reinforce your position betrays your intentions.
Challenge rather than reinforce common misconceptions about drug markets, drug use and drug dependence.
Sew the rope holes or reinforce with a metal eyelet to prevent tearing.
Brown plans to tour small theaters later this summer into fall to reinforce her music's intimate vibe.
As such, the scientists note, the results reinforce the importance of mitochondria as a supplier of free radicals.
Furthermore, chat rooms may exert peer pressure or reinforce ones' resolve to commit suicide, the authors wrote.
Those who are developing or have developed an existential sense of peace can use conversation to reinforce it.
In addition, news of our results was also used by some to reinforce unfortunate stereotypes about masculinity.
But the basics of reporting require that the writer not misuse what a speaker is saying to reinforce the writer s point of view.
If your mind is awash in clutter, one of the best ways to clear it out is to reinforce what you do want to keep.
His stance, and his high head, reinforce a detached arrogance on the part of the police.
If you go further back, you can find even more short-term cooling trends to reinforce your position.
Students learn to utilize cognitive information to reinforce the fundamental motor skills they acquired in kindergarten.
The focus of technology education at the elementary level is to develop a technological awareness and to reinforce learning.
The responses to our questionnaire reinforce this optimism.
When the rich get together for celebrations, strategies to reinforce status and distinction are also taken into consideration.

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