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Reindeer receded northward and eastward, and bison and horse followed.
But if we're not careful, his reindeer could soon be nothing more than a myth.
For the reindeer living there, it might be tempting to sleep away half the year and remain awake throughout the long summer days.
They also had the same prey animals available to them, such as reindeer and horse.
Reindeer grazing freely in search of reindeer lichen overnight can disperse across few kilometers.
Reindeer website's popularity a surprise to creator.
Grandma is getting run over by a reindeer a lot these days.
Cross-country ski equipment is provided, along with transport by car, snowmobile and reindeer.
Reindeer have a different set of eyes for summer and winter, a new study suggests.
What a marvelous sight it is to see reindeer pulling sleds in this vast white space.
The white reindeer is more often selected for slaughtered since they are said to be weaker and an easier prey for predators.
Spend a day learning about all things reindeer-herding, driving, even riding.
Plus, they never let him join in any reindeer games.
If reindeer had red, glowing noses, they'd probably be a lot easier to study in the wild.
Reindeer tend to be shorter-legged, have slightly larger noses, and slightly smaller antlers.
Permits, available from the tribal governments, are also required for reindeer hunting.

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vast Herds of reindeer move across Miles and miles of golden moss, Silently and very fast.... more
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